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Re: The Thank You Thread
« Reply #3050 on: May 03, 2021, 03:32:02 pm »

Like many others, I wanted to say thanks to Justin for putting together a great course and generally being a class act. I'm 47 and always wanted to try guitar, so this year I treated myself to an electric guitar and a box for plugging it into the PC (so I can practise without disturbing the neighbours!) Ten weeks later, and I'm still here. And I don't think I've missed one day's practise, some of which I have to credit to Justin's teaching methods and general good vibes.

I'm not going to attempt to break down what makes his teaching work but I love the mix of practicality and lack of bull. If something's going to be difficult and require lots of practise (and tbh, what doesn't?), he doesn't lie to you about it. But somehow you feel encouraged to knuckle down and put the time in.

Maybe it's a lack of ego on Justin's part, I don't know. But he's clearly got a passion for teaching and it shows. Many thanks, Justin, and all the best!

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Re: The Thank You Thread
« Reply #3051 on: May 03, 2021, 04:19:35 pm »
Thank you to Justin and the team. I have learnt so much from the forum and website. Justin is a fantastic teacher and makes it easy to learn...  explaining beginner mistakes and what to look out for etc. Far too many things to mention here. The forum is great with so many cool people that are willing to lend a hand, and ear, to help people out. So glad I found this excellent place

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