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Tips for new members
« on: March 04, 2008, 04:18:33 pm »
Hello and welcome to the forum.

•  Lesson Index -

• Please use the search facility before posting a new topic, it is quite likely that the questions has been asked and answered before!

Enjoy and see you online :)


Don't forget to use "Show unread posts since last visit" to keep up with the latest threads. Just click those words located directly under your user name near top left of page.

If you want to view ALL unread posts then follow these steps ...

1. click "show Unread Post" at screen top left.
2. scroll down to bottom of page
3. On right is a tab that reads"Mark all read"
4. directly above that tab in black letters ..... SHOW ALL.. click it.

Beginning immediately all replies in the section for Justin's Lesson Specific threads everyone needs to keep to the following......

A. It needs to be a question or a specific comment about the actual lesson.

B. Make it short and sweet. There is no time for Justin to read through anything but well presented questions.

C. If you have a physical problem with lessons such as grips, it is helpful to post a picture. If for whatever reason you need to ask about a specific element in a video or song. Either post the time it occurs or better post a link and the time.

Examples of things that are not wanted in those areas.

Thank You's
Questions asking when the next part will be available
Links to other lessons or sites that are not specific to Justin's lesson.

Wrong Way:

Hey Justin, this site is great. I can't seem to find the tabs. We are forming a band. I just started playing. I hope you will do such and such next time. I have a hard time hearing that part in the middle. Also the answer to question 5 was really tough but I finally got it by using your other lesson. Just wanted to say hello and thanks. I really don't understand this Pentatonic shape. How do you know where Bb is?

Right Way:

Am I understanding correctly that if I move the Pentatonic Minor scale from root note on fret 5 to Root note on fret 4 that the scale changes from A to Ab/G#?

Likewise, if you choose to answer the question make it to the point and leave it at that. If you wish to expound on the subject or an aspect of the subject, simply start a new thread in the General or other appropriate section and link to it.  
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Re: Tips for new members
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2017, 07:54:30 pm »
BUMP - just a prompt to read the stickies folks.
Thank you.


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