Author Topic: Kidz Concert - Nieces hold a concert  (Read 3054 times)

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Kidz Concert - Nieces hold a concert
« on: October 07, 2007, 11:33:52 pm »
Hi there, its been school holidays here in aus and the kids spent the week practicing for a concert, they even charged 3 dollars entrance :p.

They "might" have been miming a bit :p but its still a performance, and in fact an awesome one imo.

Pink has literally just shown an interest in learning the guitar, and from her performance in Joker and the theif I think she might end up being  a bit of a rock  god ;)

anyway possibly not the correct forum, but I thought that it warrented putting in here ;)  Please leave nice comments as they are like 7 and 8 ;)

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