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What this area is and is not
« on: June 12, 2012, 03:28:00 pm »
Get help for your personal project.  This will be your personal area as an individual or as a team where others give their honest opinions as well as some possible solutions to the work you present. Read the introduction thread.
Do not post here unless you are prepared to listen to and accept the fact that what you post may not be what others hear. The goal is to make you sound better not make you feel better. Sounding great is hard work. Don't post here for a simple pat on the back. 

Do not post here if you are concerned with getting your feelings hurt. Unless you have created something that when you listen to it alongside the best acts in the world and think it sounds similar, then it needs work. Be honest with yourself before you post.

This is where, after all your hard work, you post to get things sounding right that are eluding you.

Technical issues about a guitar tone
Song structure involving how to use theory to solve the problem
Basically anything. It can be a whole song or simply you singing the word hello. If that's what you want to make better then so be it.

Do not argue with those that present thoughts and opinions you don't like. Do not say, I don't like that idea it's fine like it is. Simply move on. Ideally you should experiment with all the options presented to you even if you think they may sound unusual.

At the end of the day, it's your work, but it's understood you are posting here to get help. It you just spent six months working on the perfect sax solo and people tell you the song would sound better without a sax........ well... there you go.

You are posting here to be told what you have done wrong. Be happy someone can point those things out and hopefully present a cure for you. Do not take it personally. You will never please everyone.

Don't be afraid to change. You have "Save As". No one can take anything away from you. No matter what anyone says, you will always have what you started with.


DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.....  Do NOT simply tell someone they suck and you don't like it. That is absolutely NOT was this area is for. Your reply needs to be courteous and helpful to the best of your ability. If you indicate something is wrong, then provide solutions and examples that will help them. Not following the spirit of help and growth only to post negative thoughts will result in the loss of your ability to view this section of the forum.

Good luck!

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