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Pre-pandemic, Rossco was involved in an open mic group local to him.
A few months ago Rossco - Jason - shared video footage of an online live event that his local open mic group hosted on social media. He was inspired and sparked with the idea of creating a smiliar live-stream open mic event for forum community members. This initiative snowballed and culminated in the inaugural JustinGuitar Community Open Mic Night hosted by Jason on Tuesday 23 March 2021.
The full story and more can be found in this board.

Jason has always been a positive, welcoming and active member of our forum family. The Open Mic allowed all to know first hand what a warm and charming man he is - acting in his role as host and facilitator.

Bravo Jason - you have created something fine and valuable.

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Thoroughly deserved for not only the efforts organising the Open Mic but as a long standing forum member, who's contributions, advice and guidance have help many folk who have followed him down this path.

Well done pal.


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I was delighted to read the award in the Newsletter and starting champing at the bit to be able to say ...

BRAVO Jason, take a bow, well deserved.

You have offered me oodles of encouragement and suggestions over the years.  And you do the same for all ... many a time I read a post, start to formulate a reply and see you have already said all I would have said and more.

The virtual Open Mic was an idea waiting to happen, and you brought it to life to the great benefit of the entire Forum.

A rousing Hip Hip Hooray!!
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Thoroughly well deserved.

Congratulations Jason. The work you put in to the Open Mic event was exceptional.

And personally, I’ve been very appreciative of constructive comments you’ve given on some of my efforts.

Well done.

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Well deserved. Always providing thoughtful feedback, constantly helping others and now organising the virtual open mics. Congratulations!

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Definitely well deserved Jason, you took charge of open mic section which turned out to be a huge success I shall say. You are also very encouraging to anyone with queries or comments in AVOYP section. I hope you will enjoy Justin's session and it will help you develop as a performer!

Keep on rockin' my friends

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Lieven, Richard many many thanks for putting me forward for this and Justin thank you for the recognition. Toby gave me the nod last night that it was in the latest newsletter and it was a complete surprise.

I really didn't expect anything for setting up the OM. It really was just something that I thought would be fun for us as a community and a logical next step for those of us who post our recordings regularly. I have to say thank you to Adi_mrok who helped out a lot with the Zoom and post editing side of things.

Thanks for all your kind comments as well. I've been around a while and we've got a nice community here...certainly one of the more persistent ones that I've come across in this type of forum. What I didn't expect was how much that would shine through on the OM. It really was like a group of friends getting together for a social.

Lets hope we can continue the same theme for the second and hopefully we'll pull some more members of the forum to perform or be members of the audience.

Thanks again everyone! a lesson with Justin seems just a bit scary!
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I want to add my congrats to you on your award and what you accomplished. You & the OM concept have inspired me. Once again, congrats!

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Congratulations Jason - this is very well deserved! Your efforts to coordinate the OM event were very much appreciated and your serving as MC helped it run very smoothly. Your feedback and comments are always very supportive and helpful to those of us who are fairly new to playing. Thanks for all you do, and once again congratulations on this well deserved recognition!


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This is awesome and extremely well deserved! Congrats Jason!

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Yes! Congratulations! This is very much deserved.

Thank you for all the hard work and inspriration. This is an awesome initiative.

Again, congratulations and keep up the good work!

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Nice and very well deserved shoutout! Really well planned and executed event. It was great fun and it couldn't have happened without you taking the initiative. This was an above and beyond type of participation in a public forum setting. Really a cut above. You have our thanks.   

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Congratulations Jason, this award is fitting. You've created a fantastic opportunity for folks here to take another step into the public gaze in a way that's safe and encouraging. Thankyou for your enthusiasm and the time you've put into getting this event off the ground.

You're solid in your support of others, sharing knowledge, inspiring by leading. Love your videos, you show such fine style.

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Congrats from me too Jason. Well deserved. Enjoy your lesson with Justin!
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Congrats Rossco!  :)

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Such a well deserved acknowledgement of your efforts, Jason, thank you for all you have done and the effort you've put in. I really enjoyed being in the audience for the open mic, it's inspired me to find and develop a song or two worthy of an upcoming open mic session one day.

Congratulations!  8)
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Hey Jason, congratulations!I haven't been around much, so just saw this this morning. I haven't checked out the open mic thread, so I don't really know what this is all about, but knowing your videos and all the comments and encouraging words you've given me, I know it's well deserved!

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Congratulations and absolutely deserved!



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Thanks all for the very nice comments! It really is such a great forum to be a member of.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and hopefully you can make the next Open Mic in May.
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Well done Jason. Well deserved recognition.

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Well deserved, for sure. In addition, I remember Jason from my early days in the forum back in 2014. He’s always been helpful and motivating. And the open mic idea was great!

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The Open Mic was such a great idea, Jason. It worked out so well, and I'm really happy for you to be recognized with this Forum Award! Have a wonderful lesson with Justin :)

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