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Re: Majik's Road Case
« Reply #100 on: October 17, 2020, 11:41:49 am »
Thanks David.
My Road Case posts weren't specifically meant as reviews, but more about stories and my relationship with the kit. But, in this case, you are correct in that my last post is really more of a review.

This is partly because there really isn't much story behind it (other than the length of the time it has taken Positive Grid to fulfill orders, which is public knowledge).

But the other reason is his product has been the subject of a very significant amount of hype over the last year, through (mostly sponsored) video reviews.

IMO it's not that "amazing" or revolutionary, and anyone who buys one thinking it is is likely to be disappointed.

One of the things that I wanted to get across is that the amp itself doesn't actually do that much: it's a decent portable practice amp with 4 presets, the ability to dial in sounds easily on the top panel, pretty good sound quality and it gets fairly loud (perhaps enough for a quiet rehearsal session), and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker (it also has an onboard tuner, although that is bordering on useless).

In that respect it should be compared to the Yamaha THR series, the Vox Adio, and the Boss Katana Air. And for the price, it stands up very well against those other devices. It could, perhaps, also be compared with the Line 6 Amplifi range. On that basis, for the cost, it is definitely a great option if you don't already have something similar.

As for all the hyped capabilities which are in the app, as you can tell I was not that impressed.

Maybe that's because of the hype, or maybe because I'm familiar apps which ship with other amps (like the Line 6 Amplifi) which, IMO, provide a much better cloud-based tone library and music player experience. Maybe it's because I'm familiar with other "smart jam" systems like the Trio and Band Creator on the iPad which can work with any amp and and which work really well compared with the Spark app which is a bit... meh.

The way I look at it is this: if Positive Grid launched these capabilities as an app on the App Store/Play Store which anyone could use on any Bluetooth amp/speaker (and there is no technical reason why they couldn't as, aside from the patch editing, the app only uses the Spark amp as a Bluetooth speaker) what sort of reception would it get? Personally, I think it would get a fair number of one and two star reviews.

Mind you, the Trio costs almost as much as the Spark itself, so if you treat the app-based tools as a nice-to-have freebie that comes with a decent practice amp, then you can't go far wrong.

If you already have an amp which you like the sounds on, and a iPad with some sort of Bluetooth speaker, I would save your money and get a much better experience by splashing out $7.99 for the Band Creator App, or look at a Trio+ pedal.

If you are looking for a low-cost, decent sounding portable practice amp, then the Spark is a contender.

LOL, so my response has turned into an extended review. Hopefully this is helpful for anyone considering one of these amps.


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