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Difference of chrods between App / Homepage / Book
« on: July 31, 2020, 12:44:42 pm »
I'm following along the full-access App course of Justin - great work! (Of courese?) the chords and foremost all subtleties of songs are simplified in the App so a beginner can follow along. I recently discovered that here on the homepage and on YouTube there are many videos / pages for songs which present the songs in a more "real" version. Are they already the original versions or is there one more step to becoming a "guitar hero"? :-)

What about the beginner book? Are those just the same songs as in the App? More? Fewer? Original versions? Simplified as in the App or just simpler than the original?

Please help me out

1) where can I find original chords of songs so I can make progress with my skills
2) Is the book recommendable even if you have the App and follow along Justin's YouTube/Homepage tutorials?

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Re: Difference of chrods between App / Homepage / Book
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2020, 03:53:19 pm »
The Justin Guitar App is relatively recent as a learning tool and uses lessons that Justin has previously created for YT along with some of the other cools bit (like the song section) to deliver the course in a different way. As far as I'm aware though it doesn't cover all of the lessons that are on Justin's website so you'll need to switch at some point.

On the website is the Classic Beginner Course and the New Beginner Course. The New Beginner course is basically a rewrite/new videos of the Classic course to bring it up to date. At the moment it's still a work in progress so it also wont cover everything. So the only full beginner course at the moment is the Classic one AND many people on these forums will have learnt guitar from that. However Justin is rapidly doing the new course.

After the Beginner Course the logical next step is the Intermediate Foundation (only on the website) and then into for the further intermediate/add on modules.

In terms of songs the videos you see on YT are the ones to support the songs that Justin has published in his books. Whilst the books aren't any longer available on the website they are available elsewhere. They are a great way to learn songs and usually very accurate (better than the equivalent of ultimate guitar tabs).

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