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Re: Third Open Mic (20190926)
« Reply #15 on: November 06, 2019, 10:29:49 am »
David, first of all congrats on your third open mic! Audience had fun and supported you all the way through, so this means a performance was great.

Secondly, I admire your fingerpicking + singing, that's one of the things I am still learning. Just reached the point when I can do some folk fingerstyle and have conversation at the same time. But to sing and fingerstyle, impossible for me.

However, my only thing for improvment is - let yourself enjoy the songs a bit more. I know it's quite stressful and scary to perform for others. Especially as a solo act where all the focus is on you. But try to enjoy the moment a bit more and you'll add your own touch to the songs.

Your performance was getting better and better with time (it's always the first few minutes that's the hardest). I don't know if it makes sense but do try to feel it a bit more. (please do take into account I come from hard rock, thrash metal and jazz background where most of the things are interactions between band members so I might not have the right perception on how acoustic things should be).

But overall, I enjoyed the recording! Keep having fun with the guitar and performing with and for other people :)!

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Re: Third Open Mic (20190926)
« Reply #16 on: November 06, 2019, 02:04:52 pm »
First of all: well done you! :)
You’re going to leave us all behind in the dust.
Not because you’re progressing faster than others- I share your ‘It’s-not-a-race-or-competition’ philosophy-
But your persistence is admirable, both on the forum and in pushing yourself to the next level even if on the edges of your comfort zone.

I actually like the birdies, partially because it was one of the first songs I learnt (like many here).
Nice vocals, impressive that you chose to play barre chords rather than open (envy). I missed the syncopated reggae beat.

Hurt; I love this song and you played it well with lovely picking/strumming variation and dynamics.
Vocals were in tune, but I am too used to the Cash phrasing. The second round of each C D Am (to see if I still feel etc) you speed the words up, and there was something odd on ‘but I remember everything’.

THOTRS was my favourite here. Some say overplayed, but I like the song (it is still on my to do list). Nice fingerstyle, pleasant expressive vocals and was complemented by the lovely harmonica.

I hope that doesn’t sound picky.
I’m genuinely impressed, but you might as well have the two cents of an honest punter.
Keep on rockin’  8)

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Re: Third Open Mic (20190926)
« Reply #17 on: November 10, 2019, 07:47:58 am »
Pilgrim/Glp/Brian, thanks for the listening, the encouragement and comments.

Pilgrim ... no doubt, I have not yet copped that reggae vibe.  Did try some I Shot The Sheriff as suggested by Gareth.  Much work needed to take my attempts up a gear. 

As for being an Englishman in South Africa ... perhaps equally difficult being a South African in London (apologies, Sting).  Perhaps more difficult being one of those English pundits who were perhaps over confident prior to the game.  I hoped we'd win and felt it was really a 50-50 match, dependent on small margins.  So was surprised by final margin.  Boks all played to their highest levels on the day and the front-row injury didn't help England's cause.  But as Martin Johnson said ... Boks are a different Beast to the All Blacks, so a different challenge and these days the standard is consistently higher across the board.  Enough rugby.

Glp ... your comments are spot on and inspirational.  I played my 4th, no footage yet, and felt better though oervall maybe didn't play as well.  Tough part at this stage is the fact that I play live once a month, three songs.  The opposite to say The Beatles playing live every night in Hamburg for hours and hours.  But I feel good and positive, will continue and not judge myself harshly, nor think I am better than where I am ... just happy to enjoy the adventure, keep learning and who knows how things will develop over the coming months and years

Brian ... Birdies, nuff said.  I am fortunate that for some weird and wonderful reason, I learned the E and A shape barres before my discovery of Justin ... in those years that left me believing I lacked the talent to play. 

My phrasing on Hurt is pretty much how I can manage it and keep playing as close to being in time and clean as I can. The line you singled out was one of the flubs.  I was messing up my pronouns on those lines, starting an I when it was meant to be a you and trying to recover, well spotted.

Not too picky at all.  I like the honest two cents.  After all can never improve if deluded into to believing all is good when it is not.  And maybe my strength here is not too be too worried if I make mistakes, am not as good as the rest of the performers ... after all that is the point of Open Mic, as I (and they at TJs) see it.


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