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Fitness tracker for guitar practice motivation
« on: October 08, 2019, 12:16:15 pm »
I wore my wife's Fitbit yesterday to check my heart rate. I had it on my right arm as I had a watch on my left. I kept it on while playing guitar and it says I clocked up about 17,000 steps and walked seven miles over roughly 2-3 hours. In terms of fitness this is a nonsense but it has occurred to me that having one strapped to the fretting arm could be a good way to motivate someone so they hit a practice target. For example a minimum of 3,000 guitar pseudo steps a day and 25,000 a week.
I do not know what good figures would look like but having a target like this might be better than clock watching or being distracted. Most guitar learners would not want to receive an email that said zero or little practice had been done.


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