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Re: Imprecise fingers
« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2019, 05:50:48 pm »
hi and welcome!

It takes a while and you should give enough attention to it.
Don't wait to progress too long either.
Some occasional fumbles are allowed :)

I've explained my philosophy on that many time; perhaps I should make a video :)

You build in layers, a kind of pyramid.
On the bottom are the basics upon you build, like the open chords.
They allow you to play basic songs but after a while you need to add bar chords.
You build that second layer on top of your open chords.
having a good posture for instance, is a "bottom layer" thing too, a foundation at the very bottom that will give you serious issues later on, if you neglected that but started building layers on top anyway.
The better the bottom layer; the more solid your building on top of it will be.
To start building that second layer, your bottom layer can't possible be 100% perfect and always flawless.
By gettign better and better, you will polish and oslidify the solid foundation you built once.
BUT it structure needs to be dependable and rigid.
No use polishing sh*t :p

Try to find the moment where this foundations of yours is solid enough to slowly build more upon.
Don't wait too long though. Having that steady flow is the most important thing.
It's better to have a ocnsistent rhythm going with an occasional fumble than a chopped up, staggering song because of a guitarist focussing on fingering each note.

This is no excuse to get sloppy because I told you so.
You need to remain both self-critical but cut yourself JUST enough slack to allow yourself to progress and take the occasional fumble.

Songs work like this as well. When I started out, I only played intros and tried some basic solo's because I thought you you learned songs that way; remembering where to put your fingers. Boy I was wrong

I made a 90° shift to approach songs;
I work on them layered. Fist the structure; Do I understand how the song works? can I sing with it bacause I understand how the rhythm goes and how it flows, locate the oddities of a song without even identitfying them.

Then I fill in the chords, that's a second layer. If there are certain turnarounds at the end of a verse I'm uncertain of or passages that cram a lot of chords together, I leave that be for the time being.
First I need to have a steady flow of chords down. This needs to be basic enough for me to read and sing at the same time. (you can leave out the singing part if you're not yet into that).
But I can read chords and play them and the rhythm of the song is there; no mattrer how fast or is steady and there's no flux in speed or intensity.

Next layer starts figuring out the more complex endings like turnarounds, specific chords sequences or certain timings and strumming that are part of the songs identity.
Even So; I'm only halfway building my song; I can already play a full and recognizable song!
If anybody wanted to sing to it; it would be possible

Layer on you start adding some different layers and decorations like single note phrasing, soloing, intro's etc... The things I used to start off with, now become "details" later on.
I have songs that I play in a less complex version using this method, that I gradually upgrade while I get better or find the time and taste for to enhance them.

In playing guitar; it would a foolish idea to go learning stuff out of place, seperate specific sections that float all around there. Even so; many of us start thinking that it's about memorizing exactly where certain notes are in a particular song and playing them very fast. That's what the impression impressive guitar video's give you. If you do that, you have no pyramid.

Be confident that you will get better.
My basic layers in chords are there but keep adding more complex chords on top of them.
Because of this layered approach, you know which more basic chords or solutions fit under something more complex. Knowing how chords work and how they relate to scales is a layer in between that makes me possible to simplify or complexify, almost on the fly when learning or enhancing a song.
Don't wait too long to a point you never, ever make errors thouh.
Gaining "fretboard dexterity" will polish it to go from 95% to 99% ;)

We all stumbe and fumble, we do a few silly things multiple times per gig :)

if you just continue the rhythm, keep it going and act like nothing happened; most of the crowd wouldn't even notice.
Keep the face and it is just a stumble, not a fall.
Trust me, Everytime I asked somebody about this, they didn't really know what I meant.
When I was playing with my new guitar, I still was getting used to the pickup switch position and I flicked it about 5 times in a gig. To my ear, the instant sound change was a bang in my ear.
Nobody I talked to later actually noticed it..while it was a solo gig with just me and my guitar.

If you keep following the big outline of Justins Course, you will build a solid pyramid with more than enough freedom to decide where you want to go.

What a text man xD
There's too many information, can you sum up for me? I'm kinda slow.
Stage 4 in progress...

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Re: Imprecise fingers
« Reply #16 on: October 13, 2019, 06:26:34 pm »
Ok...don’t panic...dare to fail... practice them slowly and keep your rhythm even and flowing. Don’t focus on getting everything right. Now read the full text :p
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