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Time, forever elusively floating away - where do you disappear you transient beauty?

4 months since I last posted here and in all that time Mrs C and I have not been out playing live. For shame - why do we neglect our passions so much?

Anyway, during the summer Mrs C met an old friend she had not seen in many years. They agreed that we should all go to an open mic night together. Last night was the night - but a decision made at very short notice ... literally on the day.
Mrs C and I had played through a handful of songs once each at the weekend but just casually and we weren't really looking at it as serious rehearsal time. Added to which, when we got there and just minutes before our slot to play, Mrs C's friend requested Sunny Afternoon. It was in the lyric folder Mrs C had with her but we hadn't played it together in months!

@ DavidP - sorry David ... I am utterly guilty of going out un-prepared here against your sage advice of rehearse-rehearse-rehearse.

I was darn tired too - lots of busy days previously, and on the day I had been at work from 8am until 6:30pm with a ridiculously quick turnaround at home to eat, freshen up and change clothes before heading out.

Yes - that's right - you guessed it. I'm getting in my early excuses for the several guitar flubs and missed chords. :(

So - I ask you to kindly overlook the sub-par guitarist dude with a tired, pale face and concentrate on my beautiful wife and her wonderful melodiousness. :)

The songs we performed in order:

Extreme - More Than Words

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

KT Tunstall - Other Side Of The World

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Glad you guys got out again and have shared the videos,  Richard. Thoroughly enjoyed that, the melodious Mrs C and your playing.  Lots for me to learn watching you there.

You going to have to put more effort into the flubs so newbies like me can spot them ;D

LoL as for my sage advics, guess that was for fellow learners wanting to take the plunge. You seem more than able to just pick up and play with Mrs C, just need to agree the songs, dust off and deliver a fine performance.

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The only observation you've made about yourself that I'd agree with Richard, would be that you look tired and your face is pale. You and Corinne work together so seamlessly in a melodious, glorious blend that lifts my heart and makes me smile. Beautiful tones from that guitar of yours, no doubt an expression of the guitarist you are. The only time I was aware of the few of minor flubs, which went by so fast I almost missed them, was the fleeting expression that crossed your face and then you looked at the fret.

So very glad Richard that you are out and about and playing. Thankyou for sharing this treat and for your beautiful transparency.
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That's some good stuff right there! Nice covers. I felt the audience start to get into it a bit at times, and then not. Were drinks being served? They may have needed a bit more lubrication. Sunny Afternoon was especially well done. A lot to really like here.

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Very nice performances close2u - couldn't really detect any flubs - I guess we are always more conscious of our own mistakes. I think the pale look is caused by the green light on you.
Really like your finger picking/slap technique on More Than Words. Love The Kinks - you got a really nice mood going with that - unfortunately couldn't see you fret hand for that. First time for me to hear The Other Side of the World - sounded great - your wife does a great job on the vocals. Lovely song - must check out the original. Overall - 3 good covers - well done.

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@ DavidP

Thanks for the kind words and not analysing my playing with the audio equivalent of a microscope!

Your sage advice goes for everyone - beginners and experienced alike.
Maybe an experienced player can wing it with more ease but nobody wants to have to and rehearsal + practice takes away the need. So it is always sage advice! :)

@ MrsB ... as always you are most generous, warm and positive in your appreciation. Thank you so much. :)

@ CT Thanks for the appreciation Clint. RE: your 2nd comment - I think the audience are being picked up on the MC mic he had at the mixing desk - maybe he realised it was still active and adjusted the slider. It was a fairly quiet night with most people playing slow and quiet. Drinks are brought in to the performance room for a bar elsewhere.

@ kontenda Glad you enjoyed the songs ... as for the flubs you can't have been listening intently but for me the song is about the voice so I wouldn't want to push you and divert your listening too much away from Mrs C. :) I've only recently properly learned More Than Words - it is a good one to play. You should give KT Tunstall a listen ... the album Eye To The Telescope is full of great songs.

Thanks all. :)

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Lovely performances from both of you. I find myself thinking about what impact your sitting has on both the audience and you. It looks like Corinne wants to move around, so the chair looks a bit constraining for her. You look comfortable sitting, but maybe the chair should be a tall stool? Can't criticize your performance at all, except I wish I could've seen your fretting hand during Sunny Afternoon, because I remember how impossible it was for me to play that the way Justin taught it.

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Such an enjoyable performance to watch, Richard, that would be a great coffee house if I could listen to the 2 of you all afternoon. And my goodness Mrs C has a range on her! Love the vocals, especially I must say though the 2nd half of KTs song, so relaxed and smooth. I agree with you on that CD, Black Horse & A Cherry Tree is in my repertoire. Add that one in if you want some audience participation lol.

I could maybe agree you do look a bit tired, but Richard your playing is so great. I’ll just restate my wish to listen to the 2 of you in person 😃 
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Missed these Close but as always really enjoyed them in particular Sunny Afternoon... which I’m now going to investigate.
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doing a poorly rehearsed gig is alwasy great to get you on your toes :D

you guys are feeling it so it seems to come natural.

The KT Tunstall one was my favourite; Mrs C's timbre fell in place best there IMHO.

More thanh words is made by its subtleties and Mrs C sure could display her wide range there.
Don't worry Mr.C; you played great on that songs and your pre-emptive excuses are too overkill in general :p


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Close, I finally got a chance to finish listening to these vids.  Wow, you two just click together.  All three were good to my ears, but Sunny Afternoon really brought back some memories.  Great job on all of them.
I know you were tired, but it would be nice to see you  ;D ;D ;D a bit.  You almost cracked one, I thought, at the end of Sunny Afternoon.  Seriously, how nice it is to see/hear the two of you performing.  Glad you posted these.

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Hi Close,
I sampled all three songs and it is tough to choose one as all are good. But I guess "More Than Words" is my choice. Such nice guitar play and lovely vocals on all songs! You 2 make a great team together.

Hope to hear more too!

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These are great. Sunny Afternoon is my favorite.


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