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Security when donating
« on: July 19, 2019, 04:20:21 pm »
Hi, I found the following sentence on the donation page

" (see the green padlock and "Secure" in the top of your browser and the https address which mean your link with the server is secure)."

This may be considered fussy by some people, but the green padlock in an https connection does not guarantee security. it merely means that the SSL (or nowadays TLS) connection was established and the internet traffic is encrypted. But it does not guarantee that your data is going to the correct server.

Only extended certificates guarantee this, which tell you the name of the company right next to the padlock, e. g. when nevigation to the website of ING DIBA where it says ING DIBA next to the padlock. In this case, it was verified by the issuer of the TLS certificate that the server is owned by that company.

I am not implying that the donations are processed insecurely, but the statement is wrong and if people only check whether the padlock is there, then they may not see when something is wrong.


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