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to achieve my goals
« on: August 13, 2019, 08:21:02 pm »
hello everybody!

I began my guitar journey about 1,5-2 years ago, it has been a long and difficult way at times, but now I really wanna achieve something with my guitar playing.
I want to play blues and rock, most like rock like ACDC, it is just pure magic what that band do.
the big long term goal/dream would be to travel the world playing at different places with alot of different players or end up touring around the world with my own band and live off playing music.
the short term goal is to get me ready for my first band.

can my goals be achieved ?

So I want a practice schedule to get me where I want. I have like 2-3 hours at day and more in the weekends.

I want to practice transcribing, rhythm, technique and music theory. I think should separate the topics so I do two topics one day and then the two others the next day.
But my question is where should I put must of my energy ? should I do everything equal or more on some topics then others? of is there some other topics I should do?

I have done the transcribing course, and got kinda good at, had few mistake at the end ( by the way if you are reading justin, please make some more of the transcribing course) but I still find transcribing songs hard.

hope somebody can help me, or can give some advice on the achieve my goals
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Re: to achieve my goals
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2019, 09:23:42 pm »
If you really and I mean really want to make a living playing music my first
recommendation is to join a band that plays the music that you want to play.
Or at least hang out with musicians that play what you want to play.
Nothing teaches you faster or better than jumping in the deap end and going
for it.

My second recommendation is to transcribe as much as you can. Justin can only
get you so far. The restis up to you. Let your ears be your guide.

Being in a successful band is hard work and a way of life not a job.
Live the dream until it becomes reality.

My longest friendships are people I made music with. Some go all the way back
to the late 70s
Now that I think about it most of my friends are people I play music with. New and old.

As for you practice schedule. If you like ACDC then learn/transcribe everything ACDC
that you can would be a good place to start.
Justin has a ton of material on them. When you get sick of ACDC move on to GnR,
Zeppelin and who ever else you love to play.

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Re: to achieve my goals
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2019, 01:39:15 am »
I know people who do this just for fun and others who do it because it's their livelihood.

The guys that do it for fun play rock and metal. The guys that do it for livelihood play pop, classic rock, ballads, r&b - you know, top 40 stuff.

The heavier the music, the harder it is to find venues to get regular bookings in.

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Re: to achieve my goals
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2019, 08:21:48 am »
I would say that if you can get yourself out busking, with backing tracks if need be! It’s going to give you the confidence of playing to an audience without getting into a band, once you’re confident performing get into a band.
My singing sucks so I’m learning Guitar and Ukulele, it’s fun 🌟


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