Author Topic: To those who hate Tickermaster and Live Nation  (Read 435 times)

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To those who hate Tickermaster and Live Nation
« on: July 23, 2019, 05:09:23 pm »
This will not really be anything new, really, since we all know that these companies scalp tickets,
but until recently there wasn't really any proof...

But now we finally have the proof we need to show these scummy xx--xx bags actually mess with ticket sales :
And there have been hints dropped by Vaughn Millette (the person who recorded the phonecall that proved this fraud) that this isn't even remotely the worst of all the scheming going on behind the scenes.

Now, with this proof in hand, and a written admission of guilt made by the company, I'd say it's high time the American FTC, the Canadian Competition Bureau and other local/regional trade and anti-fraud groups put Live Nation and it's subsidiaries out of business permanently, fine it's executives and anyone involved in these schemes.

Also of note is that in this case Metallica was apparently complicit in this hogwash...
As if people didn't already hate Lars Ulrich (the most likely culprit for this, really) enough as it is.
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Re: To those who hate Tickermaster and Live Nation
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2019, 09:43:51 am »
Damn ...and surprise surprise those Metallica moneygrabbers have a part in it   :o
I still remember the days when they thought they could stop mp3's :)
...and the pardoy animatino video by adult swim ..."beer good, napster bad" :)
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