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beginner starting funk course
« on: July 02, 2019, 03:05:23 pm »
peace be unto u all. i m a beginner guitarist who had reached 5stage of justin beginner course. however, i have 1 month to make a funk song. i can complete each beginner stage is 2-3 days but feel that my concepts and technique is not solid enough coz i do workout of 7 days in 2-3 hence not effective. can i skip beginner and intermediae course and jump straight to funk course? will i be able to be able to create a good funk song right atfter 2 weeks extensive practice of funk course?  :-X your guidance needed, folks. peace
note: i can reach 50-110 bpm in 7 1min changes, given i had learned learn those chords already, this kinda sums up my musical strength maybe. lol


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