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Wasn't sure of the best place to post this. It's about the way Justin's lessons are presented online, but it's not a "Website correction or improvement"; and it's a question but it's not about music theory or practice, so it wouldn't fit in "General questions" either. So I'm asking it here instead!

Justin used to post his song lessons on a dedicated JustinGuitar Songs YouTube channel, instead of on his main JustinGuitar lesson channel. If I remember correctly, this was because he was concerned about receiving takedown notices/copyright strikes for the songs he was teaching (as I think happened to the original videos on Sweet Child O' Mine), so he split the videos to limit the potential damage if the channel with the song lessons got shut down.

But just under a year ago he stopped uploading lessons to JustinGuitar Songs, and put them on the main JustinGuitar channel instead. (I think the first song lesson after this swap was this Foo Fighters video.)

Was there ever any announcement about why this swap happened? If there was, I missed it!

Presumably Justin is now less worried about receiving takedown requests for teaching copyrighted songs than he used to be, but even if that's the case, why not continue putting the song lessons on the dedicated Songs channel, just for consistency? Why abandon the Songs channel completely?

One possible reason: maybe it was done because the YouTube Recommendations Algorithm places a high priority on channels that get updated regularly, and Justin was losing views by splitting his videos between two channels on an irregular schedule?
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