Author Topic: Khalid - Saturday Nights plus a new secret mashup this Monday 20th May!  (Read 522 times)

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Hi all

Please see my latest collab!
Also follow my insta as I'm dropping something big this Monday!! You will love it 😀


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Another really polished production, both from a sound quality and video perspective.

I enjoyed this one a lot more than the previous one.  From a personal perspective, the song is much more my kind of thing than the previous. 

And then I think you achieved much more of a "whole is more than the sum of the parts" in this collaboration.  In contrast with the previous, I think the vocal arrangement worked much better.  There was more contrast and the harmonies added some different colour at times rather than what I experienced in the previous, which I experienced as the two of you kind of singing the song in a really similar fashion.

And you achieved the same in the way in which you arranged the guitar playing.  You played with each other in way that Keith Richards describes as guitar weaving, the way he and Ron dance together, weaving their parts together, not a case of one person playing rhythm and the other lead.  And this is how I experienced the two you performing this song.

So I can only say "Bravo !!"

PS ...

I initially read your post on the "The Aj Sound - Better cover by Khalid" post and posted the reply there.  Then I read this post, expecting something different.  I was a bit put out when I saw the same post a second time.  This post seems a more appropriate place for my comment, so went back and removed the reply from the other song's thread. 

Actually, I was surprised when I opened the video on the first post ... it being posted where you posted I thought it would be another version of the song being performed with a different vocal arrangement based on the all the feedback given as to what might improve the production.

My suggestion is to go back and remove that post.  My opinion is that the sharing of a different production is best done via a new topic.  I don't think it is necessary to post the same video in two different places.

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Well done guys, I really liked your video, beautiful song, excellent performance and vocals - bravo!


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That was such a great performance, playing and singing both, I loved it. Nice sound out of those smaller guitars too.
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Wow, how cool is that.   The first song I saw of yours recently was good but this is excellent. Production,  vocals,  guitaring all outstanding.   You guys have a great vibe going.  Keep em coming.

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Very nicely done and unlike what I heard from your and your buds prior this one has great contrast between the 2 singers! Nice job there and all around. Sure is great to hear you 2 and it shows your having fun even though you had some issues on this one.

Keep up the great work and vibe!
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Thank you very much for your wonderful comments and feedback.
I love it :)

Also thanks DavidP - I think I have removed it haha (I say I think because I'm not exactly sure which comment you're referring to! But have used a new thread now :D)


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