Author Topic: What nobody told you about electric guitars...  (Read 533 times)

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What nobody told you about electric guitars...
« on: April 20, 2019, 05:24:03 pm »
Warning: Big D'oh included.

I've not played guitar in quite a while as I moved internationally and had lots of other things on my mind. Started at the beginning again recently and got stuck at the same things:

No proper guitar sound from the amp apart from what sounds like acoustic guitar amplified.
And I bloody don't like the neck on my guitar as it's rather chunky and I'm small. Sure, it works, but it's not comfortable.

So last week I saw someone selling a 23 year old Duo Sonic (the one with the 22.5" scale) in the neighbourhood. I got curious and had a look. Outside nice, inside probably in need of a lot of work. But as I've had an idea on what I'd love to do with it I bought it for a few Euros. Connected to amp: same amplified acoustic sound. Bugger. Next to very loud crackling, humming and other unwanted noises. Took it apart and completely cleaned it yesterday, removed corrosion and fixed a not so good solder (learned lots of new things along the way, including soldering).

In-between cleaning steps I started googling for new pickups and other electronics, and stumbled over pickup height. Uh oh so that's a thing. Reassembled the guitar, did the probably worst re-stringing ever (hey, never did that before), connected to amp: no more unwanted noise: yay! acoustic guitar sound: meh. Adjusted pickups. Whoa! There's an electric guitar in there! I wish someone had told me to check this. All right.. so, she plays, and plays quite wonderfully.

I just did a revision of the first three chords. While the neck is the most comfortable thing I ever felt (I tried many guitars in shops lately) I still have to get used to many the string being fairly close together as I keep on hitting emptiness where a string used to be on my other guitar and so I kind of have to learn the few songs I learned again. Same with chords and where to put my fingers. But I'll manage eventually I'm sure. Basically, I love this little thing! This is my guitar  :-* while the Tele is something that just found it's way into my home by accident.


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