Author Topic: Will you take up the "1 hour song" challenge?  (Read 825 times)

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Will you take up the "1 hour song" challenge?
« on: March 27, 2019, 05:58:10 pm »
Hey Justin.

Would you make the "1 hour song challenge"?
It's not exactly a lesson but it's guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

If you don't know the rules, it's very simple : you must write, record and complete a full song in 1 hour. And film yourself doing it, of course.

You can set up your gear, your cameras and mics (check your batteries, please check your batteries!) before your start, but when the timer is on you can't stop it for a last-minute-change.   

Here's a few examples.       
(I think he was the 1st one to do it. Not sure. The funniest anyway. At least there's no doubt that it was really improvised).
(another teacher - but not as good as you :D. Not bad)
(Not bad either. I could do without the usual "my sponsor is neat" speech though. But well...)
(in 54 minutes only !)
(Nice guitar sound)
(I like the rythm)

Some people prefer to do it in 1 day but in my opinion it's too much. Unless you have a full band, then it can be fun.

You have full freedom to choose how long is your song, how many instruments you use, if there's a full verse-chorus-verse-solo-bridge structure or not, lyrics or not. But given how brilliant you are at improvising, I'd be disappointed if you didn't do a very complete song.  ;D

So, what do you say?  :P ;D
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