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Can anyone help me with some transcribing on this tune/this version of Cold Rain and Snow? I've only been playing for like a year and a half and have been able to figure out most of the intro. I just can't figure out some of the chords John Mayer is playing. The lead lines are pretty straight forward though. Especially from around 00:35 to 00:42. He plays 4 chords there (one that is like a  "ghost chord" and three in quick succession) which I just can't really figure out (probably because I don't know the shapes). If someone could point me to the right positions and notes or at least shapes I'd be so grateful. Even more so if anyone has already tabbed it out and would share his/her tab with me.

For some reason, I can't post external links to youtube. You can find the tune if you paste the subject of this topic into youtube or look for Cold Rain and Snow on Spotify (it is the playing in the sand version)

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Re: Dead & Company - Cold Rain and Snow (Riviera Maya, MX 2/17/18)
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The whole song is D and E either open or A shape. He goes back and forth
between open and A shape.

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