Author Topic: Recommended Setup for Solo Gigs (i.e. acoustic guitar, Amp, backing tracks )  (Read 1811 times)

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I've got an electro-acoustic guitar (Martin); an acoustic amp (AER); an Android tablet PC and a few years experience playing my guitars.
Now I want to be able to setup a one-man band with the above kit playing/singing along to my favourite songs and annoy the neighbours.

Can anyone suggest a reasonably-priced setup that allows my to sequence the backing tracks through my Amp and be able to Pause/Restart/Reorder the play-list?

Please keep it simple - I'm old, cranky and easily confused.


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If your amp has an auxiliary input then all you have to do is put a wire from that to your player's headphone jack (ipod/phone/tablet).

If your amp doesn't have that then you would need to add another sound system that has enough power for your venue and an input for your music player. In this case, you might just need an RCA to headphone jack adapter.

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