Author Topic: WHich Guitar Strap for Beginner Acoustic?  (Read 317 times)

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WHich Guitar Strap for Beginner Acoustic?
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:00:37 am »
Looking for a guitar strap.  I am new to this site, so sorry if it has already been answered.  What guitar strap is recommended for a complete beginner to guitar.  I am learning on an acoustic.  Thanks in advance!

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Re: WHich Guitar Strap for Beginner Acoustic?
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2019, 10:48:25 am »

I am very much a beginner/amateur still. Strap wise they have not been to much of an issue. I had a cheap Ernie Ball one.

However I got my first decent or better than starter electric the other day. I got a new leather strap, not mega money but really comfortable. I got from Amazon UK company it is leather but really padded so it looks really nice but more importantly feels comfortable (I am post back surgery so this is a thing for me):

I thought I would way in on strap holding or locking pins. I  didn't have much money left, I bought these rubber circles that slip over the metal pin after your strap is on.  Cost me £5 for 12! 6 Black 6 Red, lots of places sell them I got with the strap on Amazon but lots of places do them. Some people charge more and do branded ones.

Holds the strap on a treat, as people say in the reviews: Stops your guitar turning into a giant wooden axe LOL.

You could still get cheaper straps as I said some Ernie Ball ones are cheaper than above and use the rubber circles to ensure it doesn't come off and your guitar drop of your shoulder. I have put one on my acoustic on the bottom, that pin has popped out on me before I even used those things so make sure the plastic pin is fixed well if its an acoustic your referring to. Doesn't matter what you use to secure if the pin drops out the bottom.... I used wood glue and re-fixed it. This is not relevant to electric guitars.

Might get posh ones one day but don't have the £ at the minute.

All the best
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