Author Topic: Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood?  (Read 673 times)

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Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood?
« on: November 04, 2018, 12:13:48 pm »
Hey all. I've been playing about 18 months now and have been learning through justinguitar and using UG Tabs app.  I'm on the intermediate courses now and want to upgrade from my Fender CD60 to a better guitar. I enjoy finger picking (as a pointer the hardest thing i can play at the mo is Johnny Flynns Detectorists theme) and playing folk or rock stuff but acoustic versions.
I don't want to spend much over £500 if i can help it but i will if neccesary. From friends feedback the best quality for my buck seems to be Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood but the problem i have is that i live in Sweden in BF nowhere. I did try a Taylor in a shop when on a trip away, and really liked it especially the grand auditorium body, but nowhere here has Seagull or Tanglewood to try.
Based on what I've written does anyone have advice on a brand/model that would suit?
Cheers in advance.

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Re: Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood?
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2018, 11:43:30 pm »
I'm a real newbie, I'm only into stage 2 of the BC.  So I don't really have all that much insight into the guitars.

However, I played around with a Seagull a year or so ago and it was very comfortable.

However, you have to think about if you really want to buy a guitar that you have not been able to try out?

Do you have any plans in the not too distant future when you will go on holiday?  Maybe try out some of the ones you are thinking about?  You've been playing your CD60 for 18 months, what's a couple more months?

If you feel that you can't wait, I'd go with the Taylor.
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Re: Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood?
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2018, 04:07:56 pm »
want to upgrade from my Fender CD60 to a better guitar.

I don't know the 'quality for the buck' on the brands you mention, but I wouldn't really care, if I were you. I understand why you want the 'best' guitar for the money, but 'best' are so many things.

What is 'better' for you? Are you unhappy with the guitar you have? Why? What do you want? Another sound? Another feel? Both? How about the the look of it? Don't underestimate the importance of look! What is important for you, and how important is it? Is brand important for you? That's things you need to know before starting to look for a new guitar.

Then take your old guitar to the shop and compare it to the one you want to buy. Does the new one feels better, sounds better, looks better? Is it exactly what you want? Or do you have to make compromises? Is it okay to make that/those compromises? Do you feel the guitar is worth the price?

If yes, buy it. If no, then don't.

It's really that simple. After two years you may want something else anyway...

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Re: Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood?
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2018, 05:51:14 pm »
On paper, IMO, Taylor gives you the least for your buck. But also IMO, it gives you the most tone for the buck. I own two acoustic Taylor guitars. I would look at the Taylor GS Mini base model without pickup (so GS Mini, not GS Mini-e). I just can't seem to find it on Thomann's website though.
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Re: Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood?
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2018, 03:18:11 am »
Well I'm probably a bit weird but I've brought all of my guitars without trying (although my guitar teacher had a gs mini so I had tried that).

As a beginner I'm not seasoned enough to really care about different tones on different guitars, something that will probably become more important down the line.

An alternative could just be looking at reviews on youtube of the guitars you are interested in so you can get a feel that way. That's what I did for my strat.

I have the Taylor Gs Mini and love it but it is smaller scale which you may not be looking for.

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Re: Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood?
« Reply #5 on: November 18, 2018, 04:27:25 pm »
If you can’t get to try any acoustics then it’s going to be tough to choose one. So your best recourse is research. At around £500 (or slightly more) you are in a price point where there are loads of  acoustics  that are at least well built and sound reasonable good.
As you can’t get to feel that it’s right for you, it is going to come down to; body shape; tone; looks and whether you want electronics in it.
Find 5 or more that interest you and look for any unbiased reviews on each. Even if they are biased , you should be able to decide if the tone is what you want.

I mentioned body shape as it not only affects the tone but more importantly it affects how comfortable it is to play for long periods. For instance, I bought a used Gibson SJ200( a super jumbo), it sounded great, looked fantastic and played well. However its size meant that I got pain in my shoulder of my strumming arm if I played it for more than 15mins. Which meant that I was reluctant to play it for another week at least. So it had to go.

On what to expect from acoustic in a price range (as a first guitar):- Andertons TV

To give you some start on what is available
Alamo Music Centres ‘best’ acoustics in a price range:-
$600 –$ 1000 2years ago
updated 2018

$300 – $600

As for the Tanglewood guitars. I own one and it plays really well, which may be down to it has a thinner neck than most acoustics I have tried. They are a UK? Brand so not sure how far they have travelled in the EU. They range from inexpensive to just over your budget.  The downside is the resell value is not good. Mine was great for finger picking, but it didn’t have much bottom end for strumming. It is now on loan to one of my granddaughters.

Hope yor search goes well

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Re: Taylor, Seagull or Tanglewood?
« Reply #6 on: November 20, 2018, 06:06:55 pm »
Have a look at the Taylor Academy 12e, I upgraded to this after 4 months of the course and it's been great, think it's grand concert size.

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