Author Topic: Blues Lessons on iV chord and V chord  (Read 1509 times)

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Blues Lessons on iV chord and V chord
« on: October 28, 2018, 08:54:52 pm »

I'm an aspiring blues guitarist.  I recently found your site and I love it.

I have a suggestion for 2 courses: one on the IV chord and one on the V chord.

Online courses are great at teaching the minor pentatonic and (maybe major pentatonic) scales and different boxes, and how to get from one to another.  We all learn how to play well over a chord (lets call it the I chord).  The problem comes with the IV and V chord.  Too often we just keep playing using the same scales and licks.  Boring!  Why not a course dedicated to the two other chords.  Or even 2 courses.

I've searched a lot of different great sites, including Jamplay, guitartricks, fretjam, etc. and I can't find anything like this (although fretjam comes the closest).

Here's the perfect course :

- the role that the chord plays in the song (eg., the IV chord plays a different role in the quick change than it does in the slow change; the role of the V chord is different in the turnaround)

- target notes and notes to avoid [OK you can find this elsewhere, but belongs here nonetheless.]

- scales (and patterns) that work over the chord (eg., you use a II minor pentatonic scale over the V chord and it sounds pretty good)

- a survey of different blues styles (artists?) and how they use/play over the chord. 

- Licks/phrases that work.  Why they work.  How you can into a lick and out of a lick (ie, tying to the preceding and following chord).  Licks that work especially well over multiple chords, obviously having a different effect over each. Long licks or phrases that span chords. 

Boy would I love that course.  If it's here (or anywhere else), someone, please, point me to it!

Just a suggestion.  In the meantime, I will continue to learn everything I can from you.  That should take me, oh, the rest of my life.


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Re: Blues Lessons on iV chord and V chord
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2019, 08:19:23 pm »
Hi all,

what Dan describes in the thread is one part of what I'm looking for.

1) When I look through the very nice and instructive blues videos from Justin, I only found licks for (A-) minor blues based on A minor pentatonic. Meaning (as Dan mentioned) no licks for IV- and V-chords.
--> so instruction for the IV- and V-chords are highly appreciated :-) !!
2) Additionally, what are typical licks for a major blues? Playing A-minor blues licks over a dedicated A-major blues sound awful.
3) What would be a 'mental fretboard' to combine both types (major / minor), over all chords of the I-IV-V-progression?
4) How does this relate to the CAGED system? How can the CAGED system help to improvise freely, to target specific licks, chords etc.?

I found something at - like Justin also a very cool and motivating guy. But he wants a lot of bucks for his courses and I'm not sure if they are what I need.

So I hope to get some reply from you folks! ;-)

Thanks & regards,


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