Author Topic: Quality of the intermediate program is vastly inferior to the beginner program  (Read 1486 times)

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Hi, I purchased the beginner bundle, and now the intermediate bundle (piecemeal).  The intermediate lessons are less explanatory than the beginner ones, this is particularly reflected in the book.

I would rate the beginner program as a 10/10 in terms of lessons, explanations, and overall material.  The intermediate program, I would give a 6/10.

Some additional issues:
  • Since switching to the new website, A LOT of links are broken, YouTube descriptions link to the non-existent or even wrong pages.
  • Lots of errata in the IM textbook (physical copy).
  • Justin himself rarely uses this forum, it's mostly handled by volunteers who don't really have control over the rest of the site.

I'm a bit disappointed in the IM program but glad that I only got the eBook versions of the intermediate songbooks, the physical copies would've been close to $200 for all the materials I purchased.

(I gladly paid $114 for the beginner bundle physical version, that was well worth the money).

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Hi Dihy,

Thanks for your honest review

Too bad you're kind of disappointed with the IM course.
I will pass on the rest of your feedback to Justin.

If you encounter broken links, please send them to me or Close2U so we can have them fixed.
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All I can  say is the BC was written for people who have never played guitar and want to learn how.
The IM was written for people who have finished the BC and fully understand it.Tthere is not as
much hand holding because you should have developed the skills to understand how to learn what
is needed to continue. There comes a time where the student must take what they have learnt and
apply it to new material.

There are only 12 note and they make up all western music. You might want to go back through the BC
and brush up on what you have missed.

I'm not trying to be harsh but you are the first of 10's thousands of students who have taken Justin's
lessons and complained about the quality of the IM course.

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Echo above, Intermediate is what it says - the safety net has now gone, if you haven’t been thorough about the BC then this probably explains your thoughts. You need to have done the practical and theory to appreciate and understand the IC material, if you’ve not been thorough then you need to fill in the gaps before dismissing the course as being inadequate!
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Could not agree more with Stitch and Darrell.

Having learned the basics, if done properly you have the foundation to start exploring and discovering on your own. The IM gives you everything you need, without the spoon feeding but that core of understanding from the BC is essential.

Prime example is Triads. I'm sure in this day and age, people would want Justin to show every combination on each group of three strings they can be played. But no, you get the principles across the highest three strings (tone wise), which once understood, along with a little PMT, can be worked out all over the neck. And learning that way, makes it more ingrained. IMHO.

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Hm I think ya'll are sort of missing what I'm saying.  I've already completed the beginner's course and I understand it pretty well.

I'm curious how many of ya'll paid for both courses, I bought physical beginner bundle, physical Intermediate Course, and eBook versions of intermediate songbooks, total came out to around $200.

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The beginner courseware is top notch. There probably aren't very many guitar lessons anywhere on any level that could measure up. That said, I have the following issues with the intermediate courseware:
1. Yes, learn your full bar chords, but learn how and when NOT to use them as well. Go to the 0.52 mark on this video for details:

Just because Tim Pierce is a pro doesn't mean that his approach is advanced. It just makes sense and validates what your wrist may be already telling you.
2. I would like and appreciate a much deeper dive into triads, especially in the context of bullet #1 above. I'm still looking for the ultimate course on this topic as they almost always scratch the surface (perhaps expected from an intermediate level?). This is the best tut on the topic that I have found so far:
3. Why the full major scale before learning major pentatonic? And major pentatonic and triads in the last section? Learn these earlier on and you can do a lot of fun musical things that aid in learning the fret board, etc.
4. I'm not a fan of prerequisites or rites of passage in general, as they tend to veer toward creating barriers and priesthoods. Beginner, intermediate and advanced are meaningless categories. I'm always going to be a beginner in part or as a whole.   
This doesn't make the IM course bad, it just leaves me with the above issues and wanting more. 

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As a consumer of a he products (and as a guitar Student) you have every right to comment, feedback and critique.
And I'm pretty sure Justin would more than welcome constructive criticism that can help him improve his courses. He is a constant striver for what is better.

Lieven alerted him to this thread so he may comment in his own right - I wouldn't presume to speak on his behalf.

Re the new website ... please do report all issues. It was beta tested and is still undergoing behind the scenes work.

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Hi all

appreciate the constructive criticism and support :) both valuable.

The IM course is more 'independent' however I feel it could be improved on and after I refilm the BC I will be remaking the IM too (probably 2019!).

Some specific points:

most of the new site links should be fixed - but it;'s been a mammoth task, there was no automation possible, so manually fixing links on 1300 pages has been a team effort and is still going. sorry for any inconvenience!

Surprised there are many mistakes in the physical IM course, if you send me a list I'll take it up with the publishers who do most of the proofing.

@CT, more triads will be a feature in the revised IM - and there is more in the new PMT course if interested.

Reason for Major before Maj Pent is that Maj Pent has many melodic limitations on diatonic progressions and to use effectively you would change the scale with the chords which is tricky for IM level players - major scale fits over all diatonic chords.

while you might not like the labels beg /int /adv - most people like the feeling of progression on the journey and other labels that direct the journey are very hard to find (I've looked! a lot!).

Hope all that makes sense and sorry for the late reply - I'd love to spend more time here but the 'team' is very small and until donations increase to the point of being able to employ full-time staff  - I'll be doing the lions share of all tasks! :) I don't mind - I love my job!
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Having just built new website content from scratch for my company by myself, it's no mean feat and the task is huge. There are hundred things that can slip through even with a team of people testing it.

I think people need to bear that in mind, given Justinguitar is not a major corporation with resources to spend on contracting web developers, but is largely the work of one person with some technical support.

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Well, all i can say is that i'm liking the IM. I bought myself lifetime acces and i'm continuing my journey.
Updates and remakes are always welcome, but, as Drubbing has said. It's not that there's a big  corporation behind it. Just a person with a great heart and vision.

Thanks Justin, for all the work you've done so far. I like it a lot!
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