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Beginner Tips (I've noticed so Far)
« on: June 04, 2018, 04:22:55 am »
Hi all:

I just wanted to post and say the few tips (early in the beginner stages) that I've noticed so far...

1) Watch the lesson videos several times even if you think you have something nailed down. I've been doing these courses for a couple of months now and have done a ton(ish) of 1 minute changes with the wrong fingering (or at least the suggested fingering from the course) and now I'm having to rework the G chord to fix it. That's just one example there have been multiple. You can even just replay in the background while practicing.

2) Watch ALL of the song lessons, even if you don't plan on playing the song. I have no idea why but I decided to skip those for the first month. Maybe I wasn't confident enough or felt I wasn't good enough but it has made a pretty big difference for me and Justin leaves a ton of "gold nuggets" in his teaching of the songs that may or may not be mentioned in the lessons.

3) If you have some more free time reading through the forum has some amazing information and really thorough responses from people who have been doing this for a very long time. Just make sure to do a quick search before asking a question to save the support team some time.

4) Justin has done several videos that I'm still sorting through on ustream that answer a ton of questions or provide much more information about things you would probably have to pay a lot of money for, for example, his producing procedure, him transcribing a song and walking everyone through the process and some interviews with great guitar players that I've never even heard of (I enjoy finding new music). This is probably my favorite thing to do because watching him walk through a sequence in, just an example, A minor scale over a backing track helped clear up a lot of confusion I had over what that means. There are just some things that pop up in our head that aren't made part of methodical lessons or aren't included because of difficulty or time and those relaxed style videos are amazing for that type of stuff.

5) Find a chord sequence or "riff" you enjoy and learn to play it. It will help with keeping you focused and motivated. Don't get upset if you cannot play it because it's meant to relax you just start to try and play it. Maybe practice it every time you get frustrated with the normal practice routines or if you are having issues focusing.

I apologize for the length of this post and hope that it helps others out. I'm still kicking myself over skipping the song portions...Good luck and thanks for your time.

Just a small Justin fanboy comment:

I donated a small amount of cash and was told not to buy the starter set he has up for sale because I will be getting it for father's day :) Lucky me, it's just unfortunate I'm inpatient. Not that I'm anybody but I'm very impressed by how organized this site is and how I'm not slammed with click bait or ads flying all over the place. I've been in IT for a while and it's hard to find a site that I can spend all day on(also the only site I've donated to and commented on).
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