Author Topic: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.  (Read 1230 times)

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Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:37:32 pm »

Rufus' road case? You're 'avin a giraffe.

Goes by the name 'Red'
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Like many good things in life, especially good intentions - one can guarantee that somewhere along the line, something will happen and throw everything into turmoil. S H T F so to speak.
I wasn't disappointed.
I bought my very first guitar as a chrimbo present for myself back in 1999. A lovely red squire strat. I was as pleased as a dog with two of them. I had always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but what with a military career followed by several years going off the rails (not in an illegal way) and then meeting the love of my life, getting married and having a beautiful family - learning to play guitar had to take a back seat.
I discussed with the wife my desire to learn to play guitar many times and as chrimbo '99 came closer she offered to buy me an amp.
Actually, skip back to the September of '99. Whilst at work I had an accident. I was the proverbial thing that 'fell off the back of a lorry'. Unfortunately, as I fell, I clouted my right shin on the tail-board and hit the ground like a sack of spuds. Had a couple of weeks off work but knew I wasn't right when I returned. Start of December and I started to struggle to get a deep breath but didn't think it too serious. Christmas Eve arrived and I went to work as usual, and as I was driving home that night I started to cough. I pulled the car into a lay-by and got out to stretch my legs and get some air. I started to cough even more as I attempted to get a deep breath. This was followed by a horrible taste of blood. As you do - I deposited it into a hanky (not really - I gave it to the bushes) and was shocked to see blood. I sat down in the car and managed to drive home. Didn't say anything to the missus. Wrapped the chrimbo pressies for my sons, the missus and the dog, and told the wife I was going to bed. Had to go back to work on Boxing day but I felt like kak. Fast forward to January 1st 2000 - I collapsed at home, and but for the knowledge of the paramedic that arrived in the ambulance, I could well have died. Happy New Year!
On arrival at the hospital I was quickly diagnosed with having had a DVT which decided to travel through my body and stop at my right lung. I had a Pulmonary Embolism. which, as my wife kindly reminds me frequently - I never do anything by half. It had, the PE, dispersed itself into eight separate blood clots. Whoopy-doo, then.
Medicated up to the eyeballs - that's eye - I spent nine days in hospital. The following month, I unfortunately suffered another Pulmonary Embolism, which again dispersed into five separate blood clots. According to the consultant, and to quote him verbatim - 'You are a lucky bugger'. Can't be that lucky 'cos I've never won the lottery. Anyway - during the next six months I was lower than a rattlesnakes bum. I never felt able to do anything, ached in muscles I didn't know I had and was sleeping more hours than an M25 maintenance engineer.
After having more tests I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I wouldn't wish that on a West Brom fan. Come November '99 and I was determined to get the guitar out of the bag and strum a few strings. I bought books to learn but was getting frustrated at not being able to play. December came around, and as the dutiful hubby - I took the wheely bin out for the dustman - slipped on the steps and fell arris over diddies. Quick reactions and I used my left arm to cushion the fall. Bad move. The subsequent arm hyperextension led to a pain so severe I deposited the turkey leftover sandwiches on the pavement. I suffered a fractured arm and a trapped ulnar nerve. It doesn't rain - it pissistantly pours down in our house. I gave it six months and I was in a worst state than Washington, so I gave my guitar away to somebody that could make use of it.
So now, in 2018, I have four guitars, had a heart attack in 2015, and have undergone seven operations, two this year, since 2015, but if I'm not dead yet, after what the beardy one upstairs has thrown at me, then the old sod downstairs can wait till I at least fire out a couple of tunes on my guitars before I stoke his fires, and besides - only the good ones go first.
Anyway - onto the guitars -
I wasn't too sure what to buy in way of guitar(s), so went and viewed as many youtube videos as possible, as well as listening to the sounds that different guitars made.
I visited a couple of music shops, but without being able to play a chord comfortably, I just asked questions and listened to the shop assistants play. This, surprisingly, led me to making my first choice.
I loved the sound that the Les Paul Standard made in the hands of a seasoned guitarist hands. That will do for moi. So, off I went to Amazon and ordered one. After a few weeks I had managed to get a couple of chords out without touching extra strings or incurring a buzz. I was pleased with that. Then I happened to go to youtube. I was actually looking to see if I could find a video of somebody playing Cavatina so as I could stop/pause to get a loose idea of finger positions on the frets. It was better than that. I found a youtube video of a guy playing 'Young Lovers'. He actually plays the song in stages and allows for a novice to take on board in laymans timings/terms. (I wont post an url for fear of overstepping forum rules, but type into youtube 'Young Lovers' and look for the version by Heanor School Of Music. You will not be disappointed as there are a multitude of songs to learn to play).
Then GAS kicked in. I hadn't, being unfamiliar with terminology, heard the term before, but now I understand what it is - Fill it up with 4* and don't skip on the oil.
I also found the video clip taken at 'Normans rare guitars' of the two young ladies from the Canadian surf group The Surfrajettes. They made the guitars that they were playing sing, and I knew I had t have a 'Jagwhaaaaaarh'. So off to Amazon again, and five days later I had 'Greeny'.
I was loving it. I now had two guitars - neither of which I could play, but hey - I didn't care. I had man-cave items and if push came to shove - there was/is a bare wall which is begging.
Then GAS again. I had to have a Danelectro. It would be rude to just buy one of the guitars that the ladies were playing. I ordered the black sparkle and paid my money, only to receive an email stating that the shop had inadvertantly sold the black, they had none left but if I wanted the red sparkle then they would see me right. When it arrived - I had a gig bag, a tuner a selection of plectrums and received the guitar at the same price as the black even though it should have been £20 dearer. Result.
So what about an amp. I have been married for 30 years, and one doesn't get older without getting wiser, or I like to think - so, I bought the wife a new hoover - I know, right. I spoil her. I also ended up buying her a Pandora gold charm and a bracelet, and I bought myself, by way of consolation you understand, a Fender amp.
Time passed, all be it not a lot of time, and off to youtube again, and I knew what I was missing - a strat.
Being the gorger that I am, and I make no excuses - I wasn't going to settle for a squire. Not showing disrespect for the brand or the players of the fine instrument, but I wanted a true Fender. I set off trying to find a reasonably priced MIA Fender, but for the love of all things with six strings - I couldn't find an American Strat in the price range that would safely see me still singing tenor instead of hitting G10 should my better half find out.
So, a MIM Strat it was to be. It duly arrived and to say I am now happy could be an understatement - I am, but I'm not.
I have my heart set on one final guitar.
I have been umming and arghing for several months on building my own guitar.
I want to build from the ground up.
I know what I want, but I don't.
I know where I want to buy the DIY guitar from, but I don't.
I sought advice from the best place I knew on the internet - this forum, and I was received like a pariah. Or so it felt.
That aside - the advice offered by the respected was gratefully accepted and received. I have to say, since taking the advice and researching further and in depth, I am still not fully satisfied with which way to turn, but that is the fun of it, I guess. Make mistakes and learn from them, but never ignore advice.
Anyway - I am learning to play tab, slowly, but surely, and now that my hands are cannula free, and the phlebitis has eventually gone, or at least more manageable, I should be giving Mark Knopfler a run for his money........ in scrabble.
I am struggling with palming, and the theme for Young Lovers requires it, but it wont get the better of moi.
Now to learn chords, some stage.

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Racism is in the eye of an idiot' - Rufusragatip 2018

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Re: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2018, 01:35:00 am »
Wow what a story. Really glad you're alive and playing. Sounds like it's been a long hard road. You deserve every one of those guitars. Life is too short. I think you know that. There's a freedom that comes with discovering your mortality, isn't there? Make the most of every day. Buy a guitar, or two, or four, and have as much fun as possible! Die with no regrets.

Can't wait to see the next one. Have fun building it and playing them all.


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Re: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2018, 04:47:29 am »
As Lynn said, wow.

I guess you have some unfinished business since despite many attempts to shuffle off, here you remain.

Enjoy the geetars, and please keep posting as you are a delightful storyteller.

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Re: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2018, 02:45:00 pm »
Beautiful guitars you have there. Especially that red strat! Look forward to seeing more! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2018, 05:59:04 pm »
Rufus - oh man. What a series of calamities, disasters and tragedies.
You need to learn to play 'da blues.
Oh - and chords.
And rhythm.
And strumming.
And all that stuff in the beginners course.

And then … no surprise here … learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.

Great road case tale of epic trials, tribulations and GAS. Ha ha.

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Re: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2018, 11:48:34 pm »
Good to know a bit more about you  Rufus. You write in an engaging style and even though what I read caused a lot of aaaaarg's and oh no's  I had to keep reading. Clearly you aren't a quitter.  There is one thing you wrote that struck me "I sought advice from the best place I knew on the internet - this forum, and I was received like a pariah. Or so it felt."  Did you really feel like an outcast in seeking help from this community?

Wishing you Well

PS I think one more guitar is essential for your healing.  :)

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Re: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« Reply #6 on: October 13, 2018, 08:23:35 am »

That's a hell of a journey man but glad your still with us. Nice collection you've got there as well. The only cure for GAS is NGD. Justifying it to the other half is always a challenge but I'm itching for a Tele and LPS or LPC but we bought a new vacuum last year. Oh that and after my MIM Roadhouse Deluxe Strat I announced I would not need another guitar ................. note never say "want" it keeps the door open.

Anyway crack on with your learning and get each tool audibly presented in the AOVYP section. More importantly look after yourself and your health.

Great story thanks for sharing. And yeah there may be the odd growler here but that's very rare and they don't bite. Generally we're all warm and fuzzy.


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Re: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« Reply #7 on: October 15, 2018, 05:38:57 pm »
Hi Rufus. Enjoyed your story and the way in which you shared it. It makes for very  interesting reading. Life sure has a way of scrambling the cards and dealing the worst hands when you least expect it. Good on you for still finding a way to enjoy your own pursuits. I think the main thing is to enjoy the sounds you produce on your guitar. Over time you will see how others produce cool sounds and you will learn to do the same and before you know it, a process of life long learning started. I had a good chuckle at your use of the term 'kak'. Not many members of the community that understands that one. You must have some south african friends or family. I assume you based in the UK from some of your comments.

Anyhow, noce meeting you here. Will look out for your posts in AOVOY section.

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Re: Rufus' Road Rage.....I mean case.
« Reply #8 on: October 16, 2018, 06:41:08 pm »
You've been through a heckuva journey. Nice to have you here. Looking forward to you sharing some music.

We all encounter pockets of unkindness in just about any situation. Some is inadvertent. This is true in families, the workplace and worst of all the Internet. At one point I had enough of it here and walked away until @Omar talked me back in. Now it's a little bit like a school yard, I hang out with folks that I dig and avoid those that I don't dig or don't really know. And I'm sure those that don't like or know me, avoid me as well. It's the way of the world. Most of us probably frequent other boards, and it's a bit like having a bunch of local restaurants, we tend to go to different places for different things. There is a lot of good here that's worth checking out. We all need to find players that we look up to and there are some here that are well worth checking out. 8)   


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