Author Topic: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam  (Read 1134 times)

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002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« on: March 11, 2018, 07:21:54 pm »
This is my son Liam. He's only 13 so doesn't have his own account so he asked me to do it instead.
Thank you

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2018, 07:43:39 pm »
Liam at 13 is doing good and if it was his request to be entered to the competition then that's fantastic.
I'm going to offer constructive feedback with positives and negatives so I hope he's cool with that.

I think, for starters, you needed to give him a fair chance to concentrate when being recorded.
The TV is on and there's a baby audible in the background throughout.
These distractions must have made it much more difficult for him to give his best which is a shame.
One other comment on video recording - with the window behind him it means the lighting on his left & right hands is darkened so it's hard to see his playing - and seeing what someone does on the guitar can be very important in offering tips for learning and improvement.

The mechanics of what Liam plays are basically good. He has his strumming and chord shapes and embellishments all in place and knows the song structure. The tempo fluctuates quite a lot and there are timing issues of uneven rhythm that can easily be put right by doing several things: practicing along to the original (using software like Audacity to slow it down at first to say 65% then speeding it up a bit at a time); making regular use of a metronome and getting in to the habit of tapping his foot to keep better rhythm;, playing simple chord strum patterns along with drum backing tracks that you can find online.

Liam seems to be very well acquainted with the song and its dynamic rise and fall, he makes a good effort to introduce dynamics and really does go for it in the sections where the dynamics push up and the energy levels peak. That's great. Being aware of dynamics and playing with dynamics is so important and he has  that coming along. He has a tendency to slightly overdo the attack on his strumming in certain parts and underdo in others - those parts where he seems most / least confident in his playing. It is a common thing for learners - to be a little hesitant and reserved on the tricky sections then to give it absolutely everything on the sections that are easier or have been learned more fully. Long term, the aim is to balance the extremes out more, to be fully confident in playing all the sections and to have total control over when and how much to attack the playing and be a master of the dynamic rise and fall.

How long has Liam been learning?
Does he take lessons?
It would be great to have a bit of back story.
And it's wonderful to have another youngster in the mix of our forum community.
I am certain that others will also give praise, encouragement and useful comment.
So KUDOS to Liam for entering the competition and welcome.
I look forward to seeing you develop as a player.
 :) 8)
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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2018, 02:45:59 pm »

Well played, wonderful to see and hear what you are already able to do.  I wish I could do as well.

As a NY fan, you sure do have a lot of Neil feel about this.  And I don't think he is the easiest (perhaps not the most technically difficult but he has something special for me), so congratulations

Apart from all the detailed feedback provided by Close2u, the thing that struck me the most was a sense of you rushing through it.  And right at the end, the tempo slowed down and I though "ah-ha" you got it right there.  I guess nothing wrong with interpretation ... after all Johnny Cash takes classic songs and slows them way down and it sounds great ... but maybe when listening to the lyrics and getting more what the song is about then maybe that up-tempo just doesn't feel comfortable, at least for me (fair enough, at 52 I can get the sentiments in ways you perhaps can't at this stage of your life).

That said, playing is fantastic and I hope you will record more frequently and post up in AVOYP.  I have feeling that you did once before but not for a while.
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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2018, 12:54:26 pm »
Well I thought that was awesome! I agree your timing is a bit inconsistent, but you can fix that up by playing along with the original or using a metronome. For me you definitely have the feel and sound of the song, and it was great to watch you play. You have some very nice guitar skills. I love the little smile at the end too - that says you're having fun. Keep playing, keep having fun :)

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2018, 06:18:11 pm »
Thank you everyone.
He has just read the feedback and is greatful.and yes he says he's more confident in some parts than others.

I hadny thought about the distractions so thank you for pointing it out.

He s been playing around 3 ish years and started with  a teacher in September last year so he's now working through his grades.

Yes he did big love, probably nearly a year ago now, time flies!

A lot is confidence, he gets nervous as soon as I start recording.

Thank you to you all😊

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #5 on: March 15, 2018, 10:02:41 pm »
Well that was a LOT better than I expected... I was certainly impressed! Good job Liam :)

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #6 on: March 19, 2018, 04:25:24 pm »
I must admit when I was watching this to feeling slightly envious that I never had the opportunity to learn to play at your age. Mind you, I don't think I would have been as good as you after 3 years - your intonation on the strumming is very clear, well done! As others have said, maybe the timing could have been helped by practice with a metronome. Otherwise this is seriously impressive for a 13 year old, and impressive choice of music as well!
Definitely deserves a like (as all of the songs I've heard so far have). This competition brings the best out of people for sure.

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #7 on: March 22, 2018, 12:31:03 pm »
I was impressed. The young mind can absorb so much. I think he will be a great  guitarist. He has learned a lot in 3 years time.

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #8 on: March 27, 2018, 02:01:54 pm »
He makes it look way too easy. Really impressive playing. He's obviously working really hard and following Justin's lessons. Sounded very confident.


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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #9 on: March 30, 2018, 01:33:18 pm »
The first time I heard Neil Young I was 12. You are playing his stuff at 13 - great taste. Sounded great to me - and you are keeping that hand moving - which Justin always emphasizes on his NY lessons - well done.

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #10 on: April 02, 2018, 09:04:31 pm »
Liam, Great job!!  I very much enjoyed listening and watching you play.  It looks to me like you have a lot of natural ability on that axe.  Keep up the good work!

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #11 on: April 07, 2018, 07:58:35 pm »
I'm impressed liam. I started learning at 38 and I so wish I'd started at your age. Not only that I didn't have a clue who neil young was at 13.

I think you did well with this, only comment on it from me is I'd like to have heard you sing.

Let's have needle and the damage done next month.

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #12 on: April 30, 2018, 02:17:01 pm »
Well done Liam.

I hope you keep it up and keep progressing your guitar and musician skills.  A lot of us started a few decades older and don't have as much time in our hands to pursue this musical passion.

keep up the great work!

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #13 on: May 05, 2018, 04:14:24 pm »
First, let me just say how awesome it is that someone this age is a Neil Young fan!  I remember learning some of Neil's songs back when I was in high school; he's such a great songwriter.

Second, Liam has some real talent for his age.  I hope he keeps practicing (especially while he's young; plenty of time and the ability to learn things quickly) and I look forward to his future recordings!

Here are my suggestions for this particular song.  Check out Justin's lesson:

1. Really focus on the signature hammer-ons during the D, F, C chords in the verses (watch starting at 13:10 in Justin's lesson)

2. I think Neil's rhythm during the chorus is the most recognizable part of the song, especially the small pause between the Am7 and Em7 (see 22:00 in Justin's lesson).  This would really add to Liam's version.

That's all I'd recommend.  Liam clearly has the basics down, his strumming & rhythm are strong throughout, and he has great taste in music!  Keep it up!  (And maybe start adding vocals?)

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Re: 002 2018 Old Man - Neil Young played by Liam
« Reply #14 on: May 17, 2018, 10:31:16 am »
You play great Liam! :) much better than me at your age! and much better taste :)

A little more playing along with the original recording will help you sort out the minor timing wobbles - and be awesome to try singing along too! Try to absorb a little more of the dynamic and 'touch' of the song - but I'm being picky!

Really really good young dude, looking forward to hearing more from you!

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