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Stage 9 Practice Schedule Check List
« on: August 08, 2019, 12:16:03 am »

    I apologize if this is a silly question, but what would the practice schedule for stage 9 look like? Going in this stage however Justin talks about consolidation of the BC, and not a schedule for stage 9. Would appreciate if someone can make a check list or break down the stage for me. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense lol.... Just want to have a list to look at and see my progress on paper. (Like his template of tasks for previous stages)

Also, one last thing. Whats a good tempo for 12 bar blues (stage eight)? I can do up to 130bpm comfortably, just want to make sure if that's good enough or not. Before I start stage 9. Thanks!!!
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Re: Stage 9 Practice Schedule Check List
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2019, 08:45:19 am »
Stage 9 was this when I did it, I don't think it has changed:

  • BC-191 • Easy Slash Chords
  • BC-192 • Power Chord Shifts and Palm Mutes
  • BC-193 • Applied Fingerstyle Patterns
  • BC-194 • 12 Bar Blues Variations
  • BC-195 • Minor Pentatonic Pattern
  • BC-196 • Basic Blues Improvisation
  • BC-197 • Easy Songs For Stage 9
  • BC-198 • JUSTIN training exercises
  • BC-199 • Consolidation Test and Practice Schedule

The songs and training (BC-197, BC-198) are just like other stages. 5 mins ear training and then 5 mins+ of song practice after all the specific technique practice.

For stage 9 I was doing 5 mins each of routines from these stage 9 lessons:

  • minor pentatonic patterns - playing in 4ths along to a metronome at 65bpm
  • finger picking thumb-1213212 pattern, playing chords and the pattern
  • power chords 2 - palm muting, 6th and 5th string power chords (using Fly Away and Basket Case chords)
  • 12 bar blues variations

I'd add blues improvisation too, but I didn't start doing that until later. I thought it was more difficult than it was, and didn't understand the video lesson at all. The practice I'd do would be: put on the backing track, a handy 5 minutes, and play your A minor pentatonic scale over the top, then add the patterns when you feel comfortable. That's plenty for stage 9.

Slash chords I didn't do extra dedicated practice. They seemed no more difficult than regular open chords.

I also added 5-minute blocks to consolidate earlier stuff, but that would be different for each person. In my case I did chord changes from F, sus chords, and RUST16.

Speed-wise for the 12-bar blues, I'd say 130 is definitely fast enough. As long as you're comfortable playing it, keeping track of which bar you're on and can make the changes around the B7 change without fluffing it. The variation patterns in stage 9 will make the previous stuff feel easier as well. Sometimes you have to do harder things to make the earlier work feel easier.

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Re: Stage 9 Practice Schedule Check List
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2019, 10:34:23 am »
Stage 9 is pretty much as Plywood list above although the order may have change for the first few lessons. Just work through each lesson as you would have done for the previous stages.

The main things here is consolidation aka BC199. Look and digest ALL the guidance Justin provides on the Website lesson, then go back apply that to all you've learnt working back up from Stage 1 to 9. I've chopped and change my spreadsheet so many times now since I completed the BC, so it would not be of use to you but create something you can tick off your progress in consolidation.

Also be honest with yourself. Make sure you can meet and play all the requirements and if not keep on practicing those elements until they are up to scratch. Something like Blues Impro will spill over to the Intermediate, which you should head to after Consolidation. But everything else BC needs to be fully under your fingers.

No shortcuts just hard diligent graft.


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