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What this is area is for ...
« on: May 27, 2014, 04:11:52 pm »
Want to make your own music?
Jam with virtual band mates?
Get advice?

Do it here. 

This is where you go to share a project.

You can still post your finished project in the AVOYP section.
This is simply a 'gathering area' to organize.

You can do this via PM or email but you can also converse openly in your own thread, with the understanding that others might comment.
You are absolutely allowed to restrict your collab to whomever you wish.
IOW... Project 1 will be restricted to users A, B, C and D but others can comment. Sort of like letting the other forum members look over your shoulder as the team works. Maybe you get stuck and a forum member tosses you a suggestion.
So, it's a work area to share as teams while others look on.
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