Author Topic: Question - Looper pedal with amp without effects loop  (Read 21394 times)

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Re: Question - Looper pedal with amp without effects loop
« Reply #15 on: July 21, 2019, 12:08:16 am »
TBH I've never tried this myself. It is a hack and  quite a messy one as you need to wire in an external amp to make it work.

How well it will work will depend on how good the line out modelling is, and the external amp you connect it to, especially considering all of your guitar sound will now be coming from the external.amp and speakers, rather than from your guitar power-amp and speaker.

I really wouldn't recommend a normal home hifi as that external amp and speaker. I don't think it will sound that good. I would normally suggest something like a powered PA monitor speaker or one of the so-called FRFR  speakers (effectively the same thing as a PA monitor).

But I don't see any harm in trying it as long as you realise the results may or may not be great.



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