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Re: Pimp my Squier
« Reply #15 on: August 10, 2017, 09:07:30 pm »
I was going to tell you , that you might want some dpdt switches as well. and in fact they make 3pdt as well.

also on/on/on.

It's like figureing out the combination to a lock. But here are some things you can do....

coil splits
polarity reversal
series coil connection
parallel coil connections
series+parallel coil connections

So it really depends on what you like the sound of. If it were me I would hang some swiches outside the pickguard on long wire. Play around with some combos Some things are going to sound the same but be a different combination.

Going series vs parallel is usually a pretty big difference.

It becomes a "where there's a will, there's a way" type deal... BUT... for practical purposes and however good your memory is, you probably only want to go with the most interesting combinations.

6 good ones are a lot better than 15 mixed bag becasue you still have to switch through teh crap settings and if you land on one of those by accident, it ain't pretty.

Hey TB

Thanks for that. What I might do then is keep my options open with the SPDTs for now but leave enough wire on in order to play with DPDTs in the future perhaps. Seem to be getting better with the soldering but will actually experiment on the the existing redundant pups and pots first. So this is going to be a slow crawl project and probably late fall before its up and running.

One question - would you attach all the kit to the scratch plate then solder ? Or make the connections then put everything in place. Just something I was considering the other day - chicken and egg stuff I suppose.


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