Author Topic: PUP and Gauge update for old Affinity ?  (Read 8084 times)

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Re: PUP and Gauge update for old Affinity ?
« Reply #26 on: May 30, 2017, 12:45:12 pm »

Thanks for those links, can't think why I couldn't find something similar ! Very helpful, as I can now spec out how much room I have for fitting HBs. With a 5mm mounting "ring", a 3 or 4 mm scratch plate (probably pearl grey)

and a 20mm cavity, that gives me 28mm to play with - possibly more if the poles need to be closer to the strings (although both my Washburns HB poles are about 2mm proud of the rings). So plenty of room by the looks of things.

Push/Push or Pull Pots have been ruled out now but I very much favor TBs diagram above, especially as positions 2 and 4 would bring all 3 PUPS into play.

So looks like I have a good idea which way to go, so will more than likely update my roadcase when the project gets started.

Thanks to everyone for their input but feel free to add anything else you think may help.


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