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Sterling by musicman
« on: April 25, 2017, 05:10:53 am »
Ohay folks!

Right... there's this GAS that struck me down again. Im now drooling at sterling maj100 petruccis's signature. Anyone here have any experience with sterlings? Are they worth the money, this thing costs 1200€ and I rather spend that kind of cash on guitar that is good quality.

How's the built quality? Is that bridge piece of tin that will never hold the tuning and breaks. Things like that I mostly worry about. If it doesn't come with a perfect setup out the box, it's ok, as long as it doesn't need fretleveling or other big fixes to play.

P.S DanG I'm really hoping you have experience and knowledge of these guitars! ;)

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Re: Sterling by musicman
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2017, 05:39:47 pm »
Next time you want my opinion, sending me a PM will be quicker, i don't frequent this place as much, too busy with my midlife crisis hobbies  ;)
Well, my opinion is simple : set neck = i'd prefer not to, makes intonation harder in the long run, especially with 24 frets.
And then there's the Basswood body on a €1200 guitar : are they xx--xx kidding me ? OH HELL NO !

They sound decent, they play well (though not necessarily better than, say, my PRS SE which costs a lot less), but personally, there is no way in Hell i'd pay that much for a guitar made out of bloody basswood just because it's been designed to Petrucci's specs.
Not to mention the overall quality doesn't make me inclined to pay that much for one.
I'd say €700 would be stretching it.
With that in mind, i'd say give it a try and make your own decision, but whatever you do, don't buy it sight unseen unless you want me to come here and mock you if it turns out to be a dud  :P
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Re: Sterling by musicman
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2017, 07:54:31 am »
Haha ok, cheers Dan!

Thought it's a bit pricy thing, went in to store to see what they have in stock. No Sterlings at that time, but there was PRS SE's that I've been thinking about for a looooong time now, so tried few of those and also tried out Gibson faded series LP. Walked out with PRS SE custom 24, one of those 2017 models. It felt so damn good I couldn't leave it to dust up in there. :D That Gibson was.. not even close to PRS.


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