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Re: The DAW struggle
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2017, 01:14:02 am »
Graham just did a 6 part series that you should watch.

Just do it all in Ableton.

I don't know if he goes over installing your interface and selecting IO ports and such but Ableton has all that in their videos and it's very easy.

I watched parts of a couple of these vids and they would be a good place to follow as it's very basic.

Just keep it simple and make a very basic song. Doesn't even have to be a song per se .. Just a musical idea say 2 minutes long. Keep it simple... simple... simple....

Root note only bass line is fine. One or two chord guitar part. Easy keyboard pad. Basic drums even if it's only Bass, Snare, HiHat.

That will get you touching but not drowning in all the 'pieces and parts' of the DAW you will use each time.

Not sure what all Graham has in his vids but I would shoot for...

Drums - Stereo
Bass - Mono
Keys1 - Mono - Pad Voice - play chords ( no 3rds )
Keys2 - Mono - Some simple melody voice - play single note phrases
Guitar1 - Mono - Rhythm
Guitar2 - Mono - Lead Melody
Guitar3 - Mono - Fills
Vocal - Mono - Just sing melody notes if you have no words... a-la "great gig in the sky" P-Floyd
BG Vocals - Mono - do some Background vocals.. just fills

Now... here's the tricky part.. Don't allow any one of those parts to smother another part. Pick voicings  that occupy unoccupied sonic space. Don't use all the parts all the time.

EX: the Guitar - Fills can be a very thin and basically uninteresting sound.. but in context of the whole song... 'fills in' a spot where nothing else is.

If all goes well you will have 10 tracks that you should be able to make sound pretty good with doing the following only...

A. Make the part softer or louder ( softer can be all the way down to mute )
B. Pan the part hard left, Center or hard right.
C. Be mindful of note lengths and placement.. Don't allow everything to step on everything else.

EX. Snare and Bass Guitar

You could play ...
1 2 3 4
- S - S
- 2 - 4
1 - 3 -
B - B -
- S - S
- 2 - 4

Do you see how in the latter example the bass doesn't wash out the snare? What does that mean?... it means that both the Bass and Snare will cut through and sound loud becasue they are not fighting each other. so a practical example might be your bass line goes 1& R &3 &r &

One and rest and three and rest  the bass is resting on 2 and 4 but playing any other beats.

Do that with the whole ordeal... Leave space and make everything sound different.

After that... then you could get down to mixing it to make it sound interesting with reverb, delays, compression and whatnot.

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Re: The DAW struggle
« Reply #16 on: April 12, 2017, 01:15:40 am »
That looks like where I wanna be starting from TB-AV thanks a million

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