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Re: 000 Winning entries
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October to December 2018

Christmas Collaboration Competition.
Our first ever collaborative competition and what a delight.
Everybody that took part gave us a ll a festive treat. Well done to all 21 entrants.

Everyone is a winner too - all will be awarded a prize.
The allocation of prizes is not straight-forward but Justin, Lieven and I have almost devised the method by which to ensure that all get a prize and that all get a choice of prize also.
Please watch this space and look for announcements plus private messages in the very near future explaining this.

Congratulations to:

1st Place - Run Run Rudolph

schlaffenwagen/ KasperFaurby / Batwoman / Balamuthia / Cagn On Rocks (and Ju)

2nd Place - Silent Night
Digger / Katja

3rd Place - Christmas Baby (Please Come Home)
DavidP / pkboo3 / max_mue

4th Place - All I Want For Christmas (Is You)
Garfield (& Kerrie)

5th Place - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
diademgrove / redrhodie (& Dave)

6th Place - The Last Snowflake
BrianLarsen / FourTwo (& Chris)

7th Place - White Christmas
Embishop / KristaR

The ranking was done by firstly counting the number of likes (1 like = 1 point) that each entry had been awarded, then Justin, Lieven and Close2u awarded points from 7 to 1 for their choices. The points were then totalled and the entries given a place from 1st to 7th accordingly.

 :) :) :) :)
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