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Hi. hope I'm posting this q in the right area (feel free to move it if not). Re lesson fu510, and how to mute the 6th and 5th strings when playing a 4-string chord. I noticed you use the thumb to mute the E string and use the fleshy part of the finger thats fretting the D string to lightly touch and mute out the A string. Is this approach generally a good way to tackle most/all 4 string funk chords?

I personally tried ' thumb over both'  :) using the thumb to mute away both 6th and 5th strings but its really uncomfortable to play.

I am assuming of course that with a big amplifier all non-ringing strings must be kept muted even if its not getting strummed, and that the strumming hand is out of commission when it comes to helping out with string muting  chords (or a single note passage for that matter - but got that covered in the other video.)

What are your thoughts on what your fingers are instinctively doing when your grooving away and not really thinking about the mechanical aspects of playing?



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