Author Topic: Divided Joy - Finally finished (given up trying to make it better) our "album"  (Read 1597 times)

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I now it a copy on a usb stick and will be listening to and from work in my car.
Chix said it all ... fantastic work.
More feedback from me when I have listened several times more.

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Good job as usual Digger and Katja.  Track 5 is awesome IMHO.
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Three years ago today.


A big anniversary shout out to my friends Digger and Katja.

:) :)

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Excellent! Well done guys, I shall give it a listen on my early morning dog walk in the woods tomorrow. Looking forward to it!  ;D
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Hi Digger (& Katja of course)

What can I say?
just a glance at the tags on the album:
"80s alternative joy division alternative rock darkwave depeche mode electronic music female vocals gloom rock independent music indie indie rock synth pop synthesizer Germany"
is a summary of the important things in life in my late teens/early twenties.
I'm surprised I didn't immediately make the connection of Divided Joy to Joy Division  ;)
There were times I expected Andrew Eldritch to burst into baritones, but Katja's ethereal vocals fit perfectly.
Stand out tracks for me: the opener, Nero's burning, Whisper in the Night and This City.
(The only one that didn't grab my short 'n' curlies was Lost World Demolition.)
Anyway, I listened to and enjoyed the whole album so much, I purchased a copy.

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Hi Digger & Katja,
my congrats with LP, it's great!
Remember some songs from it and going to listen to the whole album  ;)

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Hi Guys,

How did time go by so quickly? I wasn't so keen on LWD either - but it still found its way on there.
Nearly finished the follow up which is a bit more guitar driven. Had to may life interruptions over the past 18 months - some of which found their way in to the lyrics. But hey ho - onwards and sort of upwards.

Thanks for the re-visit.



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