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Re: Using iPad as an Amp/Guitar Rig
« Reply #15 on: February 07, 2017, 11:04:46 pm »
Hi folks, I've been away and done some research and think I have the solution - so thought I would share :)

The Vox VT40/20X guitar amp model has a high quality (24 bit) audio interface in the amp which can be hooked up to an iOS device with USB + Apple camera connection kit.

It enables you to use the amp modelling and record into your iOS DAW (e.g. GarageBand), while simultaneously allowing you monitor with the iOS device headphone out into amp Aux in.

A good thread in this here:

Other amps that will do the same include the Blackstar ID CORE and Fender Mustang ranges.

Also I sought advice on the monitoring quality of a single speaker vs stereo speakers. My sound engineer friend says a decent quality 10" speaker will provide plenty of headroom, versus two smaller stereo speakers in, say, a Blackstar ID Core.

Ultimately the Vox won over Blackstars as reviews of latter suggested a few quality issues and mixed reviews on sound. Was a close run with Fender Mustangs, but I simply preferred the look and interface of the Vox.

Hope this helps someone one day

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Re: Using iPad as an Amp/Guitar Rig
« Reply #16 on: October 24, 2017, 12:29:17 pm »
Hi guys! Im new to this forum but i find this thread interesting. I am using my ipad as both for live and practice for church setup. I can share my live setup pictures if you guys want.

Heres how my setup is.
Volume Pedal>Behringer DI box
                        >Polytune(always on)
Behringer DI > Behringer U-phoria umc204hd
Behringer midi controller>uphoria
Ipad air > usb powered hub > uphoria
Positive grid bt4 > ipad air.

I have mono left and right out.
Mono left > no cab > fiddlicator > PA system
Mono right > no cab no poweramp > marshall valvestate combo amp

Sounds amazing. I dont have a lot of money but the sound i got from the setup is so good.

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Re: Using iPad as an Amp/Guitar Rig
« Reply #17 on: September 10, 2018, 09:24:59 am »
My experiences with using both amps and iPads for the guitar for a while are these: As long as the amp works, an "iPad rig" will always be more unstable/require more restarts and fiddling. On the other hand: maybe the fiddling is good for your sound/what you get out of the speakers. When everyone uses very much like-sounding amps, the iPad-universe, where you can combine everything and sometimes venture far out into the woods of for instance things like the FLUX:FX (grreat thing!) by Adrian Belew, can be a tool for you to stand out from the crowd (providing you like to dive into the details of such tools to understand their often confusing interfaces and take time to establish your own sounds). If what you need is some simple crunch, a reverb and a not to heavy amp to carry to rehearsal, a Marshall Code or the Vox VT20x is much cheaper and handier than an iPad rig will be.
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