Author Topic: About the new Backing Tracks album Jam Blues 3, the Aussie Classic Songbook, etc  (Read 2461 times)

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Please, does somebody know if the new Backing Tracks album Jam Blues 3 will be downloadable from the JustinGuitar Store ( after purchase ?

I am asking this because Jam Blues 1 and Jam Blues 2 are available at .

Yesterday, I saw that the Aussie Classic Songbook was available from Amazon UK since 29 june 2016.

Does somebody know why this book is not available for purchase at the JustinGuitar Store ( ?

Since 2014, the DVDs can not be downloaded after purchase from the JustinGuitar Store.

Does somebody know if this download option will come back ?



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I'm not sure about the backing tracks, but the Aussie songbook is available in the Justin guitar store -
There is a big update being worked on for the main site, which is possibly why the products page hasn't been updated to show the Aussie songbook.

The last I heard about DVDs being downloadable again, it was a no. It's all to do with EU tax/VAT rules, which means for small sellers there is simply too much red tape for it to be worthwhile.

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Thank you very much for your answer !

Today, I tried to purchase the new backing tracks album jam blues 3 from and and it did not work.

A message said to enter a valid payment method and an address which are both LOCAL. Nevertheless, I am not leaving in UK and in USA.

Does it mean that only people living in UK and in USA are able to purchase the mp3 products from Justin store because they own UK and US credit cards ? If yes, it would be unfair.

In the past, I bought the jam blues 1, the jam blues 2, etc. backing tracks throught PayPal.

Why the PayPal option is no more available ?

Could this problem be solved ?

I wish Justin and Jedi could read this post and solve this issue.

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Hi Jotapi

I'm not sure of the answers you seek.
Jedi doesn't really visit the forum.
Contact him directly via the customer services link found via the products section of the main site.


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