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Ear trainer web stats, ease of use.
« on: June 18, 2016, 04:50:10 pm »
I am finding this ear trainer really useful. However, I have some observations that would improve it considerably. I am hopeless at finding melodies and transcribing which is why I am using it. Basically, I usually only use training mode as in lesson mode, it moves you on to the next level way too early. the reason, I found for this is that it includes unison by default. I am working only on 4ths and 5ths at the moment, it scores me at 80% but I know that is way too high. It's impossible to unison wrong (if you do, maybe you should take up origami instead of music!) so by including it in any test, it falsely bumps up your score. Without unison, my score (out of 20) is little over 50%, statistically no better than guessing and much nearer the truth. I think it could do with a reset or clear button so I can start again.
Is there an android app coming at all? I tried to use the web page on my mobile but it doesn't display properly in my browser (Dolphin).


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