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External Drive for iMac - Looking for suggestions
« on: February 05, 2016, 02:49:15 am »
Needing some guidance on purchasing an external hard drive for a new iMac 27'' 5k that I have on order. Sorry if this is a basic question but the last time I looked into any computer-related stuff was back in 2009 or so. Clearly things have progressed a bit since my last purchase.

Computer specs are:

3.2GHz Quad-Core i5
8GB RAM (will likely upgrade to 16GB at some point)
256GB Flash Storage

I went for the 256GB SSD as it seems to be the consensus that it'll be a nice, fast option for my OS and programs. However, space is likely to get tight at some point so I'm looking to add an external HDD for my files, sample libraries, etc.

Reading up on some threads at Gearslutz, people are recommending a 7200rpm drive for quicker loading times. I'd like to get a drive that uses Thunderbolt as I have no other use for those ports, but they are fairly cost-prohibitive so I'll likely go the USB 3.0 route.

I don't need a lot of space (only using ~250GB on my current drive) so 1 or 2 TB should be more than enough.

Any recommendations for ~ $150 USD or less? I can spend more if the quality justifies the cost, but I don't need anything fancy. Just something reasonably quick and reliable.


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