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Re: Voice issues singing outdoors
« Reply #15 on: August 13, 2015, 04:15:51 pm »
Oh don't worry, I will share video! :)

Thanks Justin! 

Do you guys think IEMs or a regular monitor would be better at this point?  Or is it really just preference? (I've never used either one, so...)
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Re: Voice issues singing outdoors
« Reply #16 on: August 13, 2015, 04:54:35 pm »
I would suggest IEMs would be better as they will be easier to set up and more consistant compared to a monitor speaker.

Bear in mind, you will be in lots of different environments with different acoustic issues as well as, potentially, space constraints. Placing a monitor speaker appropriately so that you can hear it under all conditions (even when the wind picks up or changes direction, or something noisy starts up nearby) all whilst making sure you don't get feedback could be tricky.

IEMs give better isolation both to you as the listener (as they tend to block out external sounds) and also to the mic so you don't get feedback.

Of course the thing to remember with IEMs is that they are generally cabled, so you need to account for having a long enough cable, and that it doesn't get in your way. You may also need a small monitor mixer to allow you to adjust the levels.

The other thing with IEMs; it's a much smaller box to carry around when setting things up. You could probably slip them into your guitar case.


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Re: Voice issues singing outdoors
« Reply #17 on: August 13, 2015, 05:19:08 pm »
FWIW;  If you're going to be playing with a full band, I think IEMs or a good monitor system (with a  discrete mix and 1/3 octave EQs) is a good idea because it's difficult to hear yourself with the other instruments, but for your purposes at this time, I think that something like the Fishman amp would work well. When you use a monitor system, you you have to split the signals to the front of house console, and to the monitors. The monitors can be mixed from the front of house console from auxes, but you will have to run the mix back through the snake to your monitor system and will have to rely on the front of house guy to set up your mix each time you perform. That means that you will HAVE to have a sound check, and will have to communicate with the FOH sound guy over the mic - during sound check - likely with audience there. That typically doesn't look professional, and can be frustrating to the audience. You're doing a single one-hour set. You said that it takes fifteen minutes of the one hour for you to set up. Do you really want to add additional time tweaking monitors? If you get a discrete monitor system it will require purchasing the monitors (whether IEMs or wedges.) A small mixer, splitter transformers (for venues that don't have a split on the stage box) EQs, possibly a phantom power supply (Active DIs and condenser mics require phantom power but phantom power won't pass through a transformer.) And the cabling/interconnect to hook up the additional equipment. I recall your budget constraints while considering recording options, and suspect that this won't really fit into your budget. Your vocal and acoustic guitar are your only sources so bleed isn't a big deal. You'll only get a bit of ambient noise in the mix, not a bunch of bleed from other instruments. Some venues will already have decent monitor systems that will be close to dialed in when you begin. I just don't think that for your purposes a fancy monitor system is necessary. If you can get something like the Fishman Loudbox, you should be all set.
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