Author Topic: 2 songwriting questions - putting chords to riffs  (Read 4314 times)

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Re: 2 songwriting questions - putting chords to riffs
« Reply #15 on: April 25, 2015, 06:54:42 pm »
I can't tell anything from that riff. In fact not sure I call that a riff.

A riff should be a complete musical idea. Often times it identifies a song or portion thereof.

Think of Black Dog or Mississippi Queen.

Sounds like you are just moving though a scale by intervals with no compelling gravity... that is fine for 'filler' material.... Like when someone asks... well what can two guitars play? Well one guitar could play the regular rhythm and the other those intervals climbing up the neck.... but they don't define anything... they accompany .....  or you might play those as you sing then strum bigger when not singing, just for variety and not to crowd things.

A riff is a bold statement


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