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Live performance spontaneity
« on: July 09, 2016, 04:23:17 pm »
This may be an odd question but it has been something that is going on my mind.

It is understood that people go through rehearsals and sound checks before going into the actual performance. Take this video as an example ( ). This solo from both guitar players looks as if they are somewhat between the spontaneous and rehearsed zone. My question is, to what extend to they rehearse their solos? Do they just spontaneously play these solos based on their listening ability, or every note is rehearsed before the actual performance? I mean to be able to pull something like this off without even rehearsing is pretty amazing. Is good listening with good guitar skills enough to spontaneously play something like that and communicate through playing guitar?

Hope you understand what I meant ( not good at expressing stuff ). Thank you for your time, Cheers!

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Re: Live performance spontaneity
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2016, 05:26:01 pm »
They go into it:

Knowing the song, the changes, the key, what sections they are going to improv over.

They likely have chosen what scale or scales they are going to use.  Maybe generally what positions they are going to play in.

The have jammed for countless hours over countless songs, with countless musicians have tons of licks in their repitoire. 

So in a sense it becomes a conversation.

Look at it like this:  Someone asks you about your favorite subject/hobby.  You are going to use words you already know related to the subject, some phrases and genre specific idioms you already know.  But it is unlikely to be the exact same conversation you had the last time you had the discussion.


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