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** Please read before you start posting your music **
« on: October 04, 2014, 09:48:52 am »
We are all here to learn to play guitar.  To become better in our playing.  To have fun.

We also have an amazing community spirit here of 'paying it forward'.  What we learn we pass on to those taking the same footsteps we once took.  And the Performance, Progress & Feedback Area is designed to welcome and to help everyone who wants to join in with this sharing ethos.

That said, we acknowledge that posting your first audio / video of you playing is a big step for some as they don't feel they have the skills or confidence to 'perform'.  We have had members tell us that they only felt brave enough to overcome that hurdle within the relative safety of a group thread. 
NOTE ... it is not about being a great performer though - it is about becoming better through performing to your best and then improving some more.

So, we have a thread just for members taking their first steps.  If you have never posted before and would prefer not to create your own thread, with the spotlight on you individually, then you are more than welcome to join in here.


A few house rules:

We would like the Beginner's thread to be for Beginners only, working through the ten stages of the Beginner's Course and the songs from the Beginner's Songbook.

We would ask that you limit your uploads in the Beginner's thread to a maximum of five per person.  This could be five recordings of the same song, showing your progress. It could be five different recordings, perhaps from the same stage, perhaps spread out across several stages of learning.

When you reach this maximum, or before if you feel confident enough, we ask that you then begin to use the wider Performance, Progress & Feedback Area. 

a] Create your own threads in Audio or Video of YOU Playing.

b] Join in the fun and challenge yourself in the Guitar 'Challenges' - for all abilities

c] Work together with others in the Collaborations / Songwriting / Projects Area

d] Look for specific, constructive criticism in the Music Critique Section

e] Don't forget - you can look to meet up with other guitarists in real-life in the Meeting Place.

f] You can create a little of your own (editable) space for audio projects, learning logs, posting photos of your gear etc in Road Cases.


Jump aboard and join in.

Be positive - about your own progress and towards others.

Give 'Good Vibes' to others.

Have fun. 


Thank you.

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