Author Topic: Is Download version of Intermediate Guitar Method with bonus lessons(DVDextras)?  (Read 2893 times)

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Do the download version of Intermediate Guitar Method include the bonus lessons/(DVD extras) from de DVD  version?

I'm about to finisch the Beginers Course and want to move on with the IGM.

Is there any difference between the DVD and donwload version? exept for the dvd of course.

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My ASSUMPTION would be yes.  The downloads are ISOs of the DVDs so I would think they are identical.  5 DVDs, 5 ISOs so I can't imagine they would be different.

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We have a range of products available to buy including 'proper' paper books, downloadable ebooks, DVDs, mp3 and some fun merchandise.

On this page you'll find all the products, at the request of users I've listed them a few ways..

First you can Shop by type of product with the menu below. Then I have the "Latest Releases" followed by the "Most Popular Products" and then all the products shown by approximate level starting with Beginners.

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