Author Topic: TE-202 • String Crossing Exercise (Exploring Inside/Outside picking)  (Read 3367 times)

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I was just looking where to post my problem - I am looking for a string picking exercise.  I am playing "the spider" regularly from a couple of months, but I think I need something more for my problem.
I play from about 3-4 years and can play some complicated solos, but since of my random approach from before it looks like I miss consistency when I have to play random arpeggio pattern. I always play such parts with a lot of concentration and feel like almost sure that will mess the pattern somehow. Is this lesson going to help me for my frustration or could you point me to some lesson which will? (I think I went through almost through every lesson on the site, but couldn't find anything else except for the spider which could help me)

Thanks very much in advance!



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