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SB-321 • Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
« on: July 17, 2014, 04:57:45 pm »

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Re: SB-321 • Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2014, 03:47:45 pm »
Not a question here but might be useful to anyone learning this song.

I was lucky enough to see The Who many times. I was a 2nd generation mod - parka with a giant black and white "Who" (with arrow) home-made patch sewed onto the back of it. The mod revival was around 1980 when Quadrophenia came out but I'd already see The Who a good few times before then.

Anyhow... two of those concerts were two days that The Who played Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens in 1982.

I went with a bass player friend and we both took binoculars with tripods and stood at the back. I watched Townshend's fretting hand and my friend Evan watched Entwistle.

The way Townshend plays the bridge part of this song is much easier that trying to play it using normal chords 'cos the E barre shape is pretty much used throughout and doesn't change much from this shape. So long as you are happy with the E-shape barre chord it's very easy. Even if you're just starting out with barre chords it's easy 'cos the first finger only plays the bass string and doesn't have to keep up the pressure across the whole barre which is what usually bothers beginner barre chorders.

The pattern is basically the open E chord to start then maintaining the E shape bring your hand up as if you were going to play an E shape at the 7th fret (this would be B) but relax the barre (still keeping the fingers 23&4 in the E shape) and slide the bass E string up to the 7th fret. So again... this 2nd chord in the sequence is a B of some kind and the index finger is on the 6th string at 7th fret, the 2nd finger is on the 3rd string at the 8th fret, the 3rd finger is on the 5th at 9th and the little finger on the 4th at the 9th. The 1st and 2nd strings are always open and ring out.

It sounds complicated in words but all you are doing is playing an open E keeping the index finger free, then relaxing the fingers that fretted the E slide the index finger along the bass string to the B. This B-type chord is a bit of an open chord really and sounds great. Townshend used this shape a lot. It works at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and of course 12th frets very well. The chords have a suspended feel to them all and the slide up to B sounds good.

Anyhow perhaps you can see where I'm coming from for this bridge part now.

The sequence is just
open E
strange unbarred E shape at the 7th fret then down to the 5th
this repeats
then for the G it moves down to the 3rd fret and the D is a normal D barre (ie A shape at the 5th fret).

Mmm. To explain in words makes it sound much more complicated than it really is so I hope I've communicated adequately.

In addition a percussive sound on the bass end strings can be achieved by relaxing fingers from pressing down and the two strings that were open ring out a bit to sort of "echo" the chord.

Incidentally... the same technique can be used to play the chorus of "I'm Free". The shape just stays the same and the fret sequence is 0-3-5, 2,5,7 (ie these are the frets that the bass E string is held down on - always keeping an E chord shape with the other three fingers).

Wow! I've just searched for and found the whole concert from one of the days on YouTube! I haven't watched it yet but I'm sure they played BBE on both days so it must be there! Whether you can see Townshend doing this or not I don't know. I was back right on the 2nd level both days next to a concrete post that helped keep the tripod steady.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Just dloaded them all and flicked through. BBE is in the 2nd part at 2:45.

[EDIT: Jeeshh... just watched through the song and it's hard to see Townshend's fretting hand 'cos when the camera does show him he's jumping around all over the place. The camera mostly shows Daltrey singing - which is par for the course I s'pose - moronic that the one member of the band, the vocalist, whose technique can not be recorded visually, is nearly always the centre of attention!]

By the way... Limp Bizkit covered this very well. See...

[Mods... sorry this has got to be a long winded post. Please move it somewhere else if you feel it doesn't belong in the Songs threads. Thanks]
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