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Re: SB-323 • You Do Something To Me - Paul Weller
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Hi all,

My first time posting to this forum so a very quick intro: 45 year old male loving the fact that I am finally learning the guitar after a number of false starts in the past.  This is largely due to a very good local teacher and working my way through the JustinGuitar method.  All good.

At the moment I'm learning You Do Something To Me and specifically trying to mimic the live acoustic version by Mr Weller himself that's linked to on the lesson page.  I'm getting the hang on most of it via Justin's excellent lesson, but two bits elude me:

1) During the 'Em riff' (e.g. around 1:01) it looks like Paul Weller does a slow downstream followed by picking out an individual note or two.  Has anyone worked out exactly what he's doing?

2) I love the 'unusual chord' at the end but I can't see what he's playing 'cause the camera angle is from behind!  Is it the 'Em 6/9 shape' up at the 6th fret or similar?

Thanks in advance,



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